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  1. another ide? maybe notepad++.. or check the template layouts, maybe you can change it yourself for that program
  2. i highly recommend you use webfaction (affiliate).. 1h account activation USA, Europe, Asia locations 100GB diskspace Reserved RAM for your apps Unlimited domains, emails and databases Full shell access (ssh,sftp) Latest software
  3. http://www.webfaction.com?affiliate=sikken The best i have ever seen.
  4. i used the free account with http://www.unlimitedmb.com/ for years, the do inject ads however, the functionality is all there. But, The BEST hosting provider i have ever found is http://www.webfaction.com/, 9.50 USD per month .., no issues while using them.
  5. Perfect! Thank You!!!!!!!! RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^/?([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)(?:/(.*))?$ index.php?action=$1&sub=$2
  6. i need some help with the rewrite engine... current url: http://robert83/index.php?action=index&sub=a1 desired url: http://robert83/index/a1 but i also need it to work like this (the length of sub ('s are dynamic ..) current url: http://robert83/index.php?action=index&sub=a1;a2;a3;a4;a5 desired url: http://robert83/index/a1/a2/a3/a4/a5 and.. current url: http://robert83/index.php?action=index&sub=a1;a2;a3 desired url: http://robert83/index/a1/a2/a3 i am currently using.. but no luck sadly.. RewriteRule ^([\/]?)(.*)/(.*)$ index.php?action=$1&sub=$2
  7. Can i have my username changed to Robert please, the previous Robert created his account in '04, 0 posts and was only ever online for 3 minutes in total Thanks, If you can't, it is totally understandable.
  8. when i was a little novice, my friend suggested www.ulmb.com (yourname.ulmb.com) never had an issue with them
  9. sorry for the double post, but the list is more then functions, try [ctrl+space]
  10. notepad++ ftw, only because i want my code to be my code, ... ( i guess my hatred for frameworks has its advantages and disadvantages )
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