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  1. Amen. However, there are bugs in some of the jquery methods. (I.E. when fast hovered, show() starts looping endlessly, even in big sites like Mashable - photo viewer) But for Ajax, I don't see a reason to use ol' Javascript at all!
  2. I was using 000webhost.com but they ruin my scripts with their "analytics" code that's showing up on pages, sometimes my index files suddenly compress for no reason. I wanted to use heliohost, but I somehow couldn't upload my database. Any good free PHP hosting service out there? (It can be slow or whatever, just want it to function properly and have FTP access.)
  3. As for the counters, you can use cookies. As for the buttons, you can use links with get variable. <a href='survey.php?survey_id=45&page=47&answer=yes'>Yes</a><a href='survey.php?survey_id=45&page=47&answer=no'>Yes</a> And when the user visits, in other words-clicks yes, <a href='survey.php?survey_id=45&page=47&answer=yes'> $_GET['answer'] gets processed, then the website refreshes to next survey survey.php?survey_id=45&page=48 In the database, it's better standard to use smallint(2) and put 0 as NO and 1 as YES. And btw, your username is inappropriate.
  4. You can make a scan function using functions getcwd (to get current working directory), scandir (to list all files and directories within your current directory) and is_dir (to check if an scan result from scandir is a file or a directory). And mkdir can create the folder.
  5. Just put a link to the file. When people click at it, it will start to download, or browser might suggest to run/save it. Example: <a href="/files/song.mp3">Download it here...</a>
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