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  1. Hi guys, I'm working on a simple social network and have the following problem: I have to make a profile system. I have a profile.php file. When you login, you go to your profile with this file. The problem is this, when you make an account on other social networks, you usually get your own kind of url, like on twitter (www.twitter.com/username). I need the same thing, otherwise I can't link to another user except for myself. I can only link to profile.php, but not to a specific user, like profile.php/username. If I don't make this system, I won't be able to make en friends system, because when you open your friends list and you click on a username, you can't be linked to it because there's no way to go to a specific users profile using a url. How can I make sure that each session of a user can be requested using a link/url? I'm not looking for the mod rewrite module to create user friendly url. I'll do this later. Now, I just need to know how how to be able to link to another ones profile except four your own. Thanks in advance! The site: http://www.scrapll.pcriot.com. The site has no functionalities yet. You can register and login, but you can't send messages yet. I'll make that once this user system works. Greets, Peter
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