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  1. I have PHP forms that are not submitting to my database. I think it is something minor but I just can't see it! Can anyone help? At the beginning of index.php, the page holding the forms, I have this: [b]<?php include("functions/globals.php"); ?> <?php include("functions/userfunctions.php"); ?>[/b] [b]Here are these pages:[/b] [b]globals.php[/b] <?php ob_start();//Required for the redirect to work?> <?php include("loginstatus.php");?> <?php session_start(); ?> [b]((Here's loginstatus.php for good measure:[/b] <?php class cUser { public $username = "";//The User Name public $userid = "";//The User ID public $type = "";//The Type Of User } ?> [b]))[/b] [b]And here is userfunctions.php[/b] <?php include_once("databasefunctions.php"); (this holds the connection) $userdbtable = "users"; function GetHeaders() { $headers = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n"; $headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n"; // Additional headers $headers .= "To: {$username} <{$email}>" . "\r\n"; $headers .= 'From: My Website <[email]noreply@myswebsite.com[/email]>' . "\r\n"; return $headers; } function CreateAccount($firstname, $lastname, $username, $password, $email, $type) { global $userdbtable; openDatabase(); $firstname = mysql_real_escape_string($firstname); $lastname = mysql_real_escape_string($lastname); $username = mysql_real_escape_string($username); $password = mysql_real_escape_string($password); $email = mysql_real_escape_string($email); $type = mysql_real_escape_string($type); $nonencrypted = $password; $password = sha1($password); $result = QuickQuery("INSERT INTO {$userdbtable}(firstname, lastname, username, password, email, type) VALUES('{$firstname}','{$lastname}','{$username}','{$password}','{$email}',{$type}')"); if($result) { $headers = GetHeaders(); $message = "\"Welcome to my website!\"<br /> <br /> Your username is: {$username}<br /> Your password is: {$nonencrypted}<br /> <br /> Signed,<br /> <br /> Me "; mail($email, "Account Creation", $message, $headers); mail("[email]myemailaddress@me.com[/email]", "Account Created", "{$username} has created a new account", $headers); } } function ValidateUser($username, $password) { global $userdbtable; openDatabase(); $username = mysql_real_escape_string($username); $password = mysql_real_escape_string($password); $result = QuickQuery("SELECT * FROM {$userdbtable} WHERE username = '{$username}'"); closeDatabase(); if(!mysql_result($result,0,"username"))//Make sure the user exists return "User Does Not Exist"; $temppwd=mysql_result($result,0,"password");//Make sure the passwords match if(sha1($password) != $temppwd) return "Password Does Not Match"; return 1; } function GetUserID($username) { global $userdbtable; openDatabase(); $username = mysql_real_escape_string($username); $result = QuickQuery("SELECT id FROM {$userdbtable} WHERE username = '{$username}'"); closeDatabase(); if($result) return(mysql_result($result,0,"id"));//Get the user id else return 0; return(mysql_result($result,0,"id"));//Get the UserID } function GetUserType($username) { global $userdbtable; openDatabase(); $username = mysql_real_escape_string($username); $result = QuickQuery("SELECT type FROM {$userdbtable} where username = '{$username}'"); closeDatabase(); return(mysql_result($result,0,"type"));//Get the user type } function GetUserEmail($username) { global $userdbtable; openDatabase(); $username = mysql_real_escape_string($username); $result = QuickQuery("SELECT email FROM {$userdbtable} WHERE username = '{$username}'"); closeDatabase(); return(mysql_result($result,0,"email"));//Get the user email } function ConfirmPassword($id, $password) { global $userdbtable; openDatabase(); $password = mysql_real_escape_string($password); $password = sha1($password); $result = QuickQuery("SELECT * FROM {$userdbtable} WHERE id = '{$id}' AND password = '{$password}'"); closeDatabase(); if(!$result) return 0; else return 1; } function ChangePassword($id, $password) { global $userdbtable; openDatabase(); $password = mysql_real_escape_string($password); $password = sha1($password); return QuickQuery("UPDATE {$userdbtable} SET password='{$password}' WHERE id={$id}"); } function ResetPassword($email) { global $userdbtable; openDatabase(); $email = mysql_real_escape_string($email); $result = QuickQuery("SELECT * FROM {$userdbtable} WHERE email = '{$email}'"); $num = mysql_numrows($result); if(!$num) return 0; $user = mysql_result($result, 0, "username"); $email = mysql_result($result, 0, "email"); $randompwd = RandomPwd(); $temp = sha1($randompwd); $headers = GetHeaders(); mail($email, "Blah blah blah. Your newusername is: {$user}, and your new password is: {$randompwd}. ", $headers); if(QuickQuery("UPDATE {$userdbtable} SET password='{$temp}' WHERE email='{$email}'")) return 1; } function RandomPwd() { $length = 10; $characters = '0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'; $string = ""; for ($p = 0; $p < $length; $p++) { $string .= $characters[mt_rand(0, strlen($characters))]; } return $string; } ?> [b]Here is the info on index.php for login and registration[/b] [b]Login:[/b] <?php if($_GET['logout'] == 'logout') { session_destroy(); Redirect("index.php"); } if($_POST['submitted'] == "login") { // echo ValidateUser("Jimmy", "password"); //CreateAccount($name, $password, $email, $type); if(ValidateUser($_POST['username'], $_POST['password']) == 1) { $_SESSION['user'] = new cUser; $_SESSION['user']->username = $_POST['username']; $_SESSION['user']->usertype = GetUserType($_POST['username']); $_SESSION['user']->userid = GetUserID($_POST['username']); Redirect("index.php"); } // CreateAccount("test", "test", "[email]me@website.com[/email]", "user"); } ?> [b]Registration[/b] <?php if($_POST['submitted'] == "register") { $firstname = $_POST['firstname']; $lastname = $_POST['lastname']; $username = $_POST['username']; $email = $_POST['email']; $password = $_POST['password']; $confirmpwd = $_POST['confirmpwd']; if(!$firstname) $error = "Invalid First Name"; else if(!$lastname) $error = "Invalid Last Name"; else if(!$username) $error = "Invalid User Name"; else if(!$email) $error = "Invalid Email"; else if(!$password) $error = "Invalid Password"; } ?> <?php if($_POST['submitted'] && !$error) { $result = QuickQuery("SELECT username FROM users WHERE username='{$username}'"); if(mysql_numrows($result) > 0) $error = "Be More Creative. Someone Already is Using That Username."; else { $result = QuickQuery("SELECT email FROM users WHERE email='{$email}'"); if(mysql_numrows($result) > 0) $error = "Email Already Being Used. Maybe you already registered."; else if($confirmpwd != $password) $error = "Matching passwords means the second password must be exactly like this first."; else { CreateAccount($firstname, $lastname, $username, $password, $email, "user"); } } } ?> [b]Both forms are here[/b] <div class="btn-show"> <p>Login</p> </div> <div class="pushup-form"> <div class="btn-close"> Close </div> <div class="clear"> </div> <form action="index.php" method="post"> <p style="font-size:14px">Login</p> <p>Username:<input type="text" name="username" style="font-size:12px;"/></p> <p>Password:<input type="password" name="password" style="font-size:12px;"/></p> <p><input class="login" type="submit" name="submitted" value="login" /></p> <p><a href="pwd.php?pwd=lostpwd" style="font-size:10px">Forgot Username or Password?</a></p> </form> <div class="panel"> <form action="index.php" method="post"> <p>First Name:<input type="text" name="firstname" value="<?php echo $firstname;?>" /></p> <p>Last Name:<input type="text" name="lastname" value="<?php echo $lastname;?>" /></p> <p>Username:<input type="text" name="username" value="<?php echo $username;?>" /></p> <p>Email:<input type="text" name="email" class="clear" value="<?php echo $email;?>" /></p> <p>Password:<input type="password" name="password" value="<?php echo $password;?>" /></p> <p>Confirm Password:<input type="password" name="confirmpwd" value="<?php echo $confirmpwd;?>" /></p> <p class="clear"> <p><input class="register" type="submit" name="submitted" value="register"/></p> </p> </form> </div> <p style="text-align:center;" class="flip">Need to Register?</p> </div> [code] These forms open from the right side of my website by clicking "Register." The top of the form has an option for login and by clicking "Need to Register?" The rest of the form expands. Any ideas? My database is set up correctly. MOD EDIT: code tags added.
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