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  1. Well, I want to make it so a user can have there own events and they show up in the calendar. The calendar you can "flip" through the months to look at the months coming up. I want the days of events to be highlighted a certain color. Since you say my " ajax code sends the date": then how do I grab that information and compare it with the calendar? That is what I don't get.
  2. So I added data-day, but that must up all dates in the calendar. What would data-day be linked to - I have nothing called that right now. Is the ajax I have now correct then (and in the correct spot)? - is json_encode() correct also? I am completely new to this. Just using Google.
  3. Okay. So I have done only ajax forms. So I am getting a little confused while researching . . . what I have added: Underneath: generateCalendar(currentDate); I added (still in the same function as generateCalendar - not sure if correct either): $.ajax({ type: "POST", dataType: 'json', url: "cal_events.php", async: false, data: {date: currentDate}, contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8", success: function (msg) { console.log(msg); } });
  4. I have a javascript calendar and I want to make it so when a event is added to a mysql table it can be seen on the calendar. I know you can't put SELECT and other mysql stuff in a script so how can I do this? HTML: <div id="main" class="container"> <span class="jumbotron"> <h1 class="text-center"> <a id="left" href="#"> <i class="fas fa-chevron-left"></i> </a> <span id="month"></span> <span id="year"></span> <a id="right" href="#"> <i class="fas fa-chevron-
  5. I never had this problem before though. I don't know what started it. Not sure what I changed to effect it.
  6. Your form inputs do need the name="name" and name="email" added for your $_POSTS. Also, this is just to educate me. Why did you add a "@" in front of the mail()? I looked it up and I couldn't find anything telling me what this means. Thanks!
  7. Okay . . . . but do you know why I am getting this error or what I can do to fix it (besides switching my entire site to ajax)? It also sometimes throws in a 406 Not Acceptable The server cannot send data in a format requested.
  8. For example, if they just won a game and received a trophy for it. It takes them to a page to update the database with the trophy they just won and perhaps their score. It then redirects immediately back to the game in a die(header(Location: link.com/here.php?note=You+won+a+trophy.+<img src=trophylink.png>)).
  9. I want it show something like "You found this *item here*." and have it show a picture with it - without the page messing with my layout. Is that bad or something?
  10. Here is a example link: https://site.com/this_here/page.php?note=W+srchttp:>e+have+some+text+here. That shows up fine like it is supposed to, but when I want a image to show up with in it - in html - it makes the whole page wonky. Example Problem: https://site.com/this_here/page.php?note=We+have+some+text+here.+<img src=imagelink.png> I have it on any page that is now set to show an image link that. I used to not have problems with this and now I do. The 'note' text comes from a $_GET and is not decoded or anything - which you shouldn't do I know. I tested by takin
  11. cutielou22


    It is working now. No errors. Kept the global $mysqli; And I got rid of the owner part - like you said no where that is stated. Thank you so much guys! Sorry if I was a pain the butt. I really wasn't trying to be. Thanks again.
  12. cutielou22


    I added global $mysqli; to the function directly under the "include_once "addon.inc.php";" Now no errors come up, but still nothing happens.
  13. cutielou22


    Okay. Gotcha. I added the below. error_reporting(E_ALL); // Report all errors Now 2 errors come up. So you guys are right. But what would cause the $mysqli error? Just a duplicate like said above? Even though I inserted my database connection directly in the function and renamed it and that didn't work either. Glad I am kind of getting somewhere though. Notice: Undefined variable: mysqli in /home3/solpetsc/public_html/funcs.inc.php on line 525Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object in /home3/solpetsc/public_html/funcs.inc.php on line 525
  14. cutielou22


    Taking out the part after the "AND " still creates the same "Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object in /home3/solpetsc/public_html/funcs.inc.php on line 522" error.
  15. cutielou22


    Here is the whole error: Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object in /home3/solpetsc/public_html/funcs.inc.php on line 522 It's this whole function: I did no edits so you can see my tests. I would post the page I am using the function on where it is not working. But it is not working on any of them. Also the error is showing up now without the below - or die code. I did used to get a error about the " AND `owner` = ?" part. Not sure how I was getting that error - cannot reproduce it now to get EXACTLY what it said, but it was talking about a nonobject
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