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  1. Ok, my php skills are such that I can customize an existing script to some extend, but I can't write one. My problem is the following: I'm using a php-based forum script in a friends website. I load the 'forum.php' script in an iframe of a static page. When a user gets a response to a post that he wrote on the forum, he receives a mail with a link which - if clicked - gets him to the response he got ie. http://someurl.com/forum.php?todo=viewtopic&tid=6#t2 The problem is now that if he clicks the link, the file of course doesn't open in the iframe of the static page (http://someurl.com/forum.html) where normally this forum.php file opens. I guess I will have to make the static page also into a php-file and then use parts of the clicked url (forum.php?todo=viewtopic&tid=6#t2) and insert it into the iframe as the file to load ... would appreciate a lot if anyone can advice me how to do that! Thanks in advance, K.
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