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  1. Ok, I try to explain what I'm doing to make it more clear.


    I'm extracting data from a web site. The data I want arranged under "center_tabOpBody_XX" tags and each tag contains up to 15 elements.


    center_tabOpBody_0 contains 10 elements

    center_tabOpBody_1 contains 3 elements

    and so on...


    I can get only 15 elements per one ip before it get black listed so I need to arrange "center_tabOpBody_XX" in groups up to 15 elements total per group and then parse those groups individually, one proxy per group.


  2. Hi,

    I need to sort variables in groups of up to 15 and put it in an array. For example:

    $exstract['center_tabOpBody_0'] =5

    $exstract['center_tabOpBody_1'] =6

    $exstract['center_tabOpBody_2'] =8

    $exstract['center_tabOpBody_3'] =1



    Should yield:


              [0] = center_tabOpBody_1,center_tabOpBody_2,center_tabOpBody_3 // <-----15

              [1] = center_tabOpBody_0 //<----5



    Is there some simple function do do the "efficiency" sort?




  3. Hi,

    I'm trying to implement multithreading using Threadi



    Here is a sample code to what I'm trying to do:

    class Worker {
    public function fetchAWebsite($url) {
    	$content = file_get_contents($url);
    	return "fetched website $url - lenght ".strlen($content).PHP_EOL;
    $worker = new Worker();
    $startTime = microtime(TRUE);
    $thread1 = Threadi_ThreadFactory::getReturnableThread(array($worker,'fetchAWebsite'));
    $thread2 = Threadi_ThreadFactory::getReturnableThread(array($worker,'fetchAWebsite'));
    $joinPoint = new Threadi_JoinPoint($thread1, $thread2);
    echo $thread1->getResult();
    echo $thread2->getResult();
    echo "Time needed in seconds: ". ( microtime(TRUE)-$startTime).PHP_EOL;


    The problem that I'm having is that I need to call each thread separately by name. Creating 10 or more threads makes a lot redundant code.

    How can I assign  Threadi_ThreadFactory::getReturnableThread to an indexed variable(array) ?


    I tried something in this lines but with no success:

    $hArr = array();//handle array
    for ($i=0;$i<THREADS;$i++) {
             $thread[$i] = Threadi_ThreadFactory::getReturnableThread(array($worker,'fetchAWebsite'));
    $joinPoint = new Threadi_JoinPoint($hArr);


    What I'm doing wrong?


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