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  1. Need my WAMP Server argggghhh got no server :(

  2. PHP number plate! :)

  3. Perfect Dark - N64 - old skooooo

  4. Boss told me he's gonna put me with the developr for a while and get me doing some codingzz!!! w00000p w00000p :D

    1. Love2c0de


      better swat up on my c# baby

  5. a state of trance

  6. dang theres more to Excel than I anticipated VLOOKUP >:@

  7. woop woop and another week

  8. Got a weeks trial at a web development company starting monday. Doing some data inputting. Absolutely cacking it! :o

  9. 4am, matches keeping eyelids open, eyes stingin, there just aint enough hours in the day for this. pillow....where are you?

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