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  1. Hi Thank you so much for removing the data and I will do, I am so sorry, bit new to this forum
  2. Hi I am in the middle of designing a website and am trying to get a webpage to connect and display results from the database to my webpage when a customer does a search but is not working The coding is below Any ideas how to get it to work, I have been trying for hours today <?php $db=mysql_connect("2up2downhomes.com.mysql", "userxxx", "passxxx"); mysql_select_db("2up2downhomes_c", $db); $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM properties"); while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){ echo "ID: ".$row['id'].", Type of Property:".$row['typeProperty'] .", bedrooms:".$row['bedrooms'].", garden:.$row['garden'].", description:.$row['description'].", price:.$row['price'].", location:.$row['location']."<br/>"; } ?> <html> <body> You have searched for a <?php echo $_POST["propertytype"]; ?> <br> You have searched in the location of <?php echo $_POST["location"]; ?> <br /> You have searched for <?php echo $_POST["bedrooms"]; ?> bedrooms <br /> You have searched for <?php echo $_POST["bathrooms"]; ?> bathrooms <br /> You have searched for £<?php echo $_POST["minprice"]; ?> <br /> You have searched for £<?php echo $_POST["maxprice"]; ?> </body> </html> Thank you in advance, appreciate it Ian EDIT (KP): Removed credz & please use code tags next time
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