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  1. So, just posting the fix here in case someone else stumbles on this.  In the PHPActiveRecord Connection file, there is a date format with a T in it.  No idea why they are completely overriding the built in PHP DateTime object and doing a bunch of stuff with dates, but changing that format seems to resolve my problems at least.  I haven't fully tested the app but it got me past the major hurdle for now.

  2. Thanks for the replies.  There is no datepicker involved.  I'm literally updating a 'last action' field on the user table by setting it to the current date and time.  The more I thought about it the more I came to the conclusion that it's not the database doing it (as you all said).  I am using phpactiverecord as an ORM so I guess it could be something in there that's translating it.  I'll have to search through that library I guess.  I really need to get away from that library since it's no longer supported but that will require a pretty extensive rewrite.  I've been updating pieces of it myself to support PHP 8.1.

  3. I am converting a site to MySQL 8 and PHP 8.1 (from MySQL 5.7 and PHP 7.4).  I have a number of datetime fields in the database and when I try to update one of them, I am getting the error: 


    PDOException: SQLSTATE[22007]: Invalid datetime format: 1292 Incorrect datetime value: '2022-07-09 21:02:04 EDT'

    The code I am using is this:

    $this->userobj->uaction = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

    If I output that code to the error log I get the date fully as expected.  But for some reason, MySQL is getting it with the timezone attached.  I'm about to pull my hair out because I cannot figure out how that's getting changed between me setting the value and MySQL processing it.  Does anyone know why this might be happening?  Some kind of automatic formatting in MySQL?

  4. You have no idea how much I appreciate the additional info.  Most people just say 'hey... use this!' and that's all you get.  I guarantee I will check that stuff out.


    The only thing I worry about is adding it into my current setups or having to start over from scratch.  When I use PHP these days, I have to be extremely efficient.  I don't have the luxury of taking 3 full days of work to figure stuff out and implement it.  That's time lost on extra income for me.  I have another buddy of mine trying to convince me to abandon my research on Bootstrap and start using http://foundation.zurb.com/


    I would kill to be using all of the latest stuff, but I can barely keep up and crank through my existing workload!  I mean I know some of this stuff will eventually greatly enhance my efficiency so I should just invest the time but I haven't yet.  But I will.  Thanks for a gentle kick in the pants, sir.

  5. I still sorta live in the PHP world.  I build websites on the side for a few clients but I stay away from most of the libraries as far as PHP.  I have a CMS-ish/framework-ish thing that I built on my own a few years ago that has held up well over time and I keep tweaking it.  I just hate the 'locked in' feeling of most frameworks so I tend to go more custom.  The main PHP libraries I use these days are for the DB (www.phpactiverecord.org).  That plus several JS libraries (jquery, extjs, and datatables) which allows me to drop some PHP code in favor of some front-end awesomeness has allowed me to whip through some projects pretty quickly. 


    I never really thought of PHP as 'dirty', but it's definitely less strict than Java (I would still do PHP full time if I can find the right gig at the right salary). 


    Anyways, I might pop in from time to time.  Good to see some of the old crew is still here.

  6. Please disregard.  I'm an idiot.  I was viewing the data in phpmyadmin through my account, not the new account and I was viewing the old copy of the DB.  I also had the website on the new account pointing to the old database as well, hence the new data not showing up.


    *sigh*  I should stop working so late at night.  Thanks everyone for your help.

  7. Hey gizmola, good to be back.  I live mostly in the Java world these days so I haven't had much reason to stop in here.


    I also posted this on another forum and they brought up an interesting theory.  When this started to become a problem, I had just recently moved that website from my hosting account to a separate account under my reseller plan with my host.  One of the other guys suggested that it might just be a permission problem, but I don't know how to solve it.  Clearly the data is all there but I guess my user can't access some of the records for some reason.

  8. I have a table where users insert table via a form (this is done through a Joomla module).  When I view that table in phpmyadmin, it only returns 73 rows.  Yet when I view the data via the module itself (there is an output portion), there are 140 rows... which is what I am expecting.  I even looked at the mysql schema tables and it only sees the 73 rows.  Yet I even installed another module that pulls data based on SQL queries and THAT module also sees the 140 rows.


    Does anyone know why phpmyadmin or my own PHP script on another page would not see all of the records?  I already tried repairing, flushing, and optimizing the table... all to no avail.  I'm running out of ideas.



  9. If you have experience developing web UI (html, jQuery, css) and you have Java/JSP experience (or even other languages), please contact me.  This would be a contract position starting in mid June and going through the end of July at least.  If you're even partially interested or know someone who is, please let me know.


    It could also lead to a full time position, especially for Java devs.


    By the way, the main UI is already designed.  We just need someone to assist in redoing a shitload of JSPs.


    I would prefer US-based applicants but others will be considered.

  10. If you're 98% ready to go, this feedback might be a little late, but whatever.  It's very......... blue.  I think a lot of readers/viewers will be turned off by such a stark/bold background.  There is a reason a lot of sites use white behind content.


    Why aren't the thumbnails on the main page clickable?  You should be giving your users every possible chance to get to the content easily.  If you're worried about SD vs. HD, take them to SD initially and give them the choice to bump it up.


    I went into the first one and there is a 'back to learning' or whatever near the top.  I expected to be taken back to where I was when I clicked that but I ended up in an entirely different screen with stuff that didn't really make sense to me.


    When I click into a video, I kind of expect it to play automatically.  Making me click again is kind of annoying.  I can understand if you're trying to save bandwidth but the extra click is not as user friendly.


    No guitar lessons/teacher?  Seems like a popular choice to me.

  11. I've been using the free trial of PhpStorm for the last week or so.  I'm loving it.  Does just about everything I'm looking for out of the box, and is simple to tweak.  Even better, it's still reasonably quick in my VM setup.  Definitely buying a licence when the evaluation period ends.

    PHPDesigner 8 (http://mpsoftware.dk/) was just released.  I've been using this IDE for years and I absolutely love it.  I looked at PHPStorm and it seems like PHPDesigner can do all of that stuff.  And it's cheaper.

  12. CyberDuck is the way to go. Best FTP program I've ever used.

    I'm always looking for new tools so I gave this one a test drive.  It is very cool and I like the idea of being able to browse the different cloud services in a very nice interface.  However, no one doing any reasonable development would find this effective.  Having to open a new interface to select a file to upload vs. having a split window where you can drag from a local location is not something to leave out of an FTP program.




    By the way, I don't personally use it but I've tried it: the IDE I use (PHPDesigner) has a built in FTP tool that will automatically upload the files when you save them.  That might work for some but I like having more control over when things are uploaded.

  13. Seems pretty nice.  Very clean and open design.  But if you're using it for a portfolio, I would HIGHLY suggest doing more to sell yourself.  Your thumbnails should link to another page that describes the client, the work you did, what technologies you used, etc.  I don't know about you, my the work I do varies from modifying things in vBulletin to writing sites from 'scratch' (my own framework).  So it's nice to know how much of a particular site you did outside of the look of it.

  14. My biggest issue with your site is 'header' area.  You have that HUGE block that is present on all pages.  If my screen was only a tiny bit shorter or I was one of those people with 10 toolbars in my browser, I wouldn't even know the content below it was changing.  I would either reduce the size of that banner area, have it change from page to page, or think of a different way to do that.


    I agree with the comments about 'missing information'.  When to call, where you are if someone wants to come to you... maybe a FAQ section?

  15. Looking for resources to support the rewrite of an existing system interface to better utilize web standards regarding the system content (HTML) and design (CSS). Our goal is to develop/create a visually appealing new and updated ExtJS design. While the overall project scope is large (700 jsp pages), we are looking to make incremental updates based on more relevant needs.


    This would likely be a contract position unless the requirements and/or location of the applicant better suits the need for a full-time position.  We may also consider multiple developers depending on the scope of the project and where it goes.


    This is a US-based company but will accept applications from any location. 


    Please contact me directly for more information. 

  16. I'm getting the SOAP response just fine, I just don't know how to pick pieces out of it:

    echo '<pre>';
         echo '</pre>';

    results in:


    stdClass Object
        [GetLastClosingPriceResult] => stdClass Object
                [Outcome] => Success
                [identity] => Header
                [Delay] => 0.008
                [security] => stdClass Object
                        [Outcome] => Success
                        [Delay] => 0
                        [CIK] => 0001341439
                        [Cusip] => 68389X105
                        [symbol] => ORCL
                        [iSIN] => US68389X1054
                        [Valoren] => 959184
                        [Name] => Oracle Corporation
                        [Market] => NASDAQGS
                        [CategoryOrIndustry] => TECHNOLOGY
                [Date] => 7/14/2011
                [Last] => 32.05
                [Open] => 32.81
                [LastClose] => 32.69
                [High] => 33.1
                [Low] => 31.86
                [ChangeFromOpen] => -0.76
                [PercentChangeFromOpen] => -2.316
                [ChangeFromLastClose] => -0.64
                [PercentChangeFromLastClose] => -1.958
                [Volume] => 32194500
                [splitRatio] => 1
                [LastAdjusted] => 32.05
                [OpenAdjusted] => 32.81
                [LastCloseAdjusted] => 32.69
                [HighAdjusted] => 33.1
                [LowAdjusted] => 31.86
                [ChangeFromOpenAdjusted] => -0.76
                [ChangeFromLastCloseAdjusted] => -0.64
                [VolumeAdjusted] => 32194500
                [NotTraded] => 


    How do I get the symbol, for example??

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