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  1. I tried all the good free ones lately and here is my take: AVG - bloated, scans at the worst times, fails to update A LOT, does catch a lot of stuff Avira - decent, but doesn't catch drive-by stuff on websites. Also will annoy the crap out of you for a few weeks with daily "ads" for the premium version. They eventually stop though. Avast - no real complaints thus far. Seems to scan at reasonable times and has a lot of options. I personally think ESET NOD32 is the best, but again, not free.
  2. ober

    PHP Book

    There are plenty of resources in the sticky threads in this board. Thanks.
  3. No... he wanted 25 mil to play the part and the budget isn't that high.
  4. Done. Good luck! And I would have gladly answered more questions. Seemed a little brief for the topic.
  5. Obviously not. What a monumental waste of time and effort and database space to house this thread.
  6. ober


    Ha... vbforums, huh? I came from that place as well. Very little PHP activity, but then again it was centered around MS languages. Welcome
  7. To be honest, the main reason the competitions failed to move forward was more of a lack of judges and prizes. I doubt a weekly competition would work, let alone daily. I could maybe see monthly, but even that is a long shot. And people are only going to compete at a certain level without prizes.
  8. ... but you could write that in about 30 minutes to an hour?
  9. Different versions of flash interpret HTML differently? Seems pretty logical to me...
  10. ober

    Uh Oh!

    You could always pass it off to me although I won't work at your wages
  11. I work for a software company and we have design meetings where flowcharting is used quite frequently. It is usually done on a whiteboard so it's rarely stored with the source, but requirements around here are usually kept with a diagram of some sort.
  12. Guys... stop screwing with the members.
  13. I think a few got mangled but probably could be recovered if necessary. Again, they all needed help/updating.
  14. That's not true. We still have backups. They were outdated and we felt it was better to replace and rewrite than to restore them. There are currently several in the development stages. Just be patient.
  15. ober

    Desktop SS

    Thanks for the comments about my daughter... hell, you guys haven't even seen her face! And yes, Halloween is on the 31st. And yes, most apple orchards around here grow many other things but still call themselves apple orchards.
  16. ober

    Desktop SS

    She's 22 months. And we were at an apple orchard getting pumpkins for halloween. And I actually just reinstalled Windows over the weekend and Picasa was one of the last things I installed. I hadn't move the shortcut to the quick launch yet. Usually it's completely clean except for the recycle bin. I actually use PS or Elements for most of my image editing. I just wanted to try out the new version of Picasa.
  17. Typically camelCase... got in the habit because of coding practices at work.
  18. ober

    Desktop SS

    I like it clean. Oh, and that's my daughter from about 2 weeks ago. [attachment deleted by admin]
  19. Vista works just fine for me... I use it 8+ hours a day at least 5 days a week.
  20. There is an entire sticky for this topic. Try reading that first.
  21. Only english here... I can understand a little Spanish since I took 3 years of it, but can't really speak it. I once complained to a few people in the same room from both France and Sweden that I hadn't spent enough time learning other languages. They all looked at me and laughed. They all said it was generally pointless to learn something other than English because the other languages are only spoken by a very small % of countries and even there, most people know English. Since then, I gave up on the quest to know more than English.
  22. You say that like you think we don't have enough users or traffic... we average around 300 people online at any given time... for a programming community mainly focused on one language, that's not bad. And Daniel, I said the same thing about SMF and the admincp when I started using it. And I'll agree there are definite quirks to it but I still think it's better than VB.
  23. Was... until they stopped giving a shit for the most part. I still use it for certain things but I'm pretty well entrenched in the FF camp now.
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