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  1. My update statement looks like this:


    $query = "UPDATE DTCONTRACT SET sponsor_addr = '".$_REQUEST['addr']."' WHERE CONTRACT_ID = '".$_REQUEST['exist_study']."'";


    This is only for testing so don't get me on security.  I can take the resulting output of that query and run it directly in Enterprise Manager and it works great.


    When I run this same query via the PHP page, it says:

    UPDATE DTCONTRACT SET sponsor_addr = 'test test fd' WHERE CONTRACT_ID = 'ADD06053'
    Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'and'.


    THERE IS NO 'AND' IN THE GD QUERY.  I can insert into and update other tables in the database but this one is giving me a problem.  I assumed a permission problem but I don't think it would let me update other tables if that was the case.


    Can anyone think of a reason why it would throw that error?

  2. The .NET platform is used by a lot of companies... why, I have no idea.  I personally find it bloated and difficult to grasp, but it may come down to Nightslyr's comments about the page lifecycle.  It just seems like there are so many hidden parts and pieces to consider.  You might as well be developing a piece of desktop software in regards to complexity and whatnot.


    I've faced ASP several times in my life and it has won almost every match thus far.  And I have over 10 languages under my belt.

  3. The key for when you don't have a lot of information to display is to feed the user information that immerses then further in the product.  Cross-promote, advertise, give them stats, or give them actions to perform from the profile screen.  All of these things can make it seem like there is more to the page.

  4. I take a long look at the company/person and try to decide the best way to come up with an design that tells their story.  I often ask the client to provide information/pictures/etc.  I also ask them to provide me with a list of sites that they like the design of because ultimately, you want to appeal to their sense of design while guiding them correctly to a valuable product.

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