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  1. Hey Guys, Anyone try Atom.IO yet? It is a new text editor that GitHub just put out. It is currently in beta. Although it is a lot like Sublime, I like the way it looks better as well as its command functions. It has a web based core as well, which means you can style and customize it with LESS and Node, so that is kinda cool. Just trying to see what other people thing about it. I like it better than Sublime right now, but support is limited and it is kind of buggy. Plus, it is missing basic functionality, such as when you split the panels, you can't resize the panels unless you use LESS. You can split the panels horizontal and vertically which is kind of cool. If anyone wants a beta key let me know. They gave me three I think.
  2. Thanks for responding That is definitely a method to consider. I guess the difficult part would be structuring the form data into CSS and then turning it into a string. I will look into it. Does anyone else have a suggestion?
  3. Hi All, Right now I am working a project where I want to use a PHP form to ultimately create a CSS file. The idea is that a user can fill in a a form with questions like hex color and fonts, and then that form will process those values into a CSS stylesheet. I know that SASS and LESS do this with Ruby, but I was wondering if there was a way with PHP. Maybe go from PHP to CSS or PHP to SASS to CSS. If anyone has any recourses, docs or videos, on different methods that would be much appreciated. Again, I'm not even sure if PHP can do this. It is just an idea. Thanks in advance,
  4. Hey Halben, If you are using two different scripts to process the data then yes. Could you explain your data flow a little more? Right now I am assuming that you have two different scripts, one that is a part of Wordpress' core files and another one that you created. If that is the case then yes because that would be two different data processes. If you are somehow extracting the data from the Wordpress database to the external database then I think you should be good, but I don't think that is the case here. Wordpress would be synthesizing that data for you. Let me know about your data flow,
  5. Thanks Trq, I was actually about to start a topic about web development books and web development theory. I will make sure I add this to my list.
  6. Process.php is a super secret PHP form handling script that I use on all of my super secret websites. No, I'm just kidding. I was just creating a contact form for a site I am building and I was going over all of the worst case scenarios. I wanted to get some input on this one. You know, stir up some conversation on the topic. I guess the solution is just to code better.
  7. Hey Dalecosp, So you are saying that I could use something like $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] to say if it is this file then redirect them somewhere else or something like that?
  8. Ok, so how about some work arounds? Any advice there?
  9. Hi All, I am looking into different methods to prevent users from directly accessing a php file. For example, if you have a form with an action="whatever.php" on it, a user can inspect the element in see in the DOM what the action is as well as the file path to that action. As shown in the form below: <form id="contact" name="contact" method="POST" action="php/process.php"> <input type="text" value="email" name="email" id="email" class="width" > <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit" id="submit" class="button"> </form> The action is "process.php." What are some of the different methods that prevents a user from typing that URL into the address bar and going directly to the file? Right now, if a user goes to that file they get an error that says something like "The variable $email does not exist." But someone can just type that parameter into the URL and the file would be exposed. One method that comes to mind is checking if "submit" is set. Then if it is not, redirect the user back to index.php. Does that make sense? Does anyone have any other methods in mind? Thanks in advance,
  10. Awesome! Thanks guys. I am gonna check out Apigility and 9lessons tonight. Does anyone else have some input?
  11. Hey, You never close your "in_array()" $child = (in_array ($child->name, $tt ); Should be.... $child = (in_array ($child->name, $tt )); Unless you close it somewhere else that you did not paste into the forum.
  12. I am gonna answer my own question on this, but if anyone wants to chime in with any best practices or experiences they have had building an API with PHP, please feel free. Below is a link to an O'Reilly's book on creating API's with PHP. The link lets you download the ebook for free! #winning! http://it-ebooks.info/book/2268/
  13. Hey All, Does anyone have any good articles or books on how to create a public API with PHP. I understand how API's work, although it wouldn't hurt to read up on them, but I am really just looking to understand how one can be built with PHP. Thanks in advance,
  14. So I was gonna do something like "SELECT title, content, id FROM posts," then loop it through, and assign variables to the values that come out. Then run a query through like "SELECT * FROM other_table WHERE id=$id." Does that make sense. I know that isnt right. I just don't know know to unique variable into the first query.
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