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  1. Sublime Text 2 does the job for me; IDEs get in my way and my beard's not big enough to do everything in Bash yet.
  2. Nyphrex

    Domain Registrars

    Name(.com) and Namecheap are my favourites; no shonky business, always upfront, awesome packages and services on the side.
  3. Nyphrex

    Web Host List

    Linode is hands down the best service provider that I have ever used. Their support crew helped me set up a redundant private network, even though I was on their most basic plan at the time!
  4. Nyphrex

    What IDE/editor themes do you use?

    The Java based editors ruin my workflow; they're so bloated and full of junk that I get sidetracked! Therefore, I use Sublime Text. And while I'm not ever going to be 100% satisfied with any editor... this one comes the closest. As for colour schemes: http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized Solarized and Birds of Paradise are my favourite.
  5. Nyphrex

    FTP Programs

    Unsure if it's been mentioned, but I use and love Transmit (by Panic, and OS X only) - it's beaten every other client that I've used in all aspects (for me!).

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