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  1. So I cannot edit the php.ini file post installation? where in the control panel is this magical UI of extension adding? I'm going through the add or remove programs thing but yet to find where I can change the extensions for php. Sorry but windows is gash - need a bit of hand holding on this one
  2. This was installed via the msi - I would have done manual but this was installed by another member of the team and assurances given that the msi was used...
  3. Hi guys n gals, I'm no win server 2008 guru so need a bit of help... I have PHP running on win server 2008 (that's what I have been dealt so no sniggering!)... getting the 'unable to load dynamic library for: php_curl.dll php_http.dll php_imap.dll php_mbstring.dll php_mcrypt.dll php_exif.dll php_sockets.dll uploadprogress.dll php_zip.dll (they are loaded in that order) other dlls load ok and these are: php_gd2.dll php_mysql.dll php_mysqli.dll php_pdo.dll php_pdo_mysql.dll the extension dir in php.ini is set (done it absolutely "D:\PHP\ext") and those dlls all exist within that directory. D:\PHP is definitely in the environemt PATH var... Only thing I have come across is a reference to msrvc70.dll is not present on the server but surely this should not prevent the libs being loaded! there is no reference to such a requirement in the docs. (found that on a thread so it could be irrelevant.) Any help/tips on resolving this would be VERY much appreciated.
  4. it would be so much easier to just use semantic markup... you can play around a little but the example below would achieve the desired layout except the header would not be centered - you'll just have to play a little more... <div class="infoitem"> <h2>Section Title</h2> <p>some copy about what they will find...</p> </div> the css div.infoitem { border: 1px solid #ccc; margin-top: 1.5em; } div.infoitem h2 { float: left; position: relative; top: -1em; margin: 0 0 -1em 20px; background: #fff; color: #ccc }
  5. table { border-collapse: collapse; border: 1px solid #ccc; }
  6. nothing wrong with absolute positioning - it is very powerful and indeed useful tool in building sites well... you are correct in your thinking that you need some control over the parent element - but you can add these to the body if you so wish... body { position: relative; width: 980px; margin: auto; } try that - its should give you something like what you want.
  7. if you are just getting started with css then I would suggest you use this opportunity to drop table based layouts also. the height of an element is dictated either by an absolute value or a percentage of its parents available space - IMO height should NEVER be defined for any element that will have variable amounts of content within....
  8. if you are into the accessible stuff... NEVER use fixed font sizes (px, pt etc.) even when designating the initial font size. use ems in your css and in the body declaration of your css use font-size: 80% (or another percentage - this gives you nicer control when nested em's come into play).
  9. Err yes - it does look funny when post a comment saying 'here's where you went wrong' and then to prove your point that your propositions work you have to revert to the code you said was wrong.... But hey we all have bad days.
  10. trecool? What you posted won't do anything. You need a SUBMIT button to actually send the headers. In order to use a BUTTON you would nee some javascript just like what I said before...
  11. I have had very little experience with access but from what I gather it cannot multi task and is MUCH slower than mysql. As for code, zend studio has a whole library of php code that you can just drag and drop into your scripts - I don't particularly like it but if you need a fast learning curve then I would try to get hold of a copy on the cheap...(not advocating piracy but its too expensive for just for the php enthusiast)
  12. Yes but only if you tell what the problem is. It will very likely be the configuartion of the server so if you have access to the php congi file see what SMTP is set to or use ini_get('SMTP'); you can use ini_set('SMTP' , 'host'); to set this correctly where 'host' is the relvant smtp server.
  13. <? session_start(); if(isset($destroy)) { session_unset(); session_destroy(); } else { if(!is_set($_SESSION['name'])) { $_SESSION['name'] = "Spike"; } } ?> <p>SESSID: <?php echo session_id(); ?> <p>Navn: <?php echo $_SESSION['name'];?> <form action="session2.php" method="post"> <input type="submit" name="reload" value="Genstart session"><br> <input type="submit" name="destroy" value="Stop session"> </form> short tags for php should be banned!!!!
  14. You have to do some ajax if you want php to validate the form inputs.... Same as asp - take each field and apply your validation terms to them - if they match the criteria then ok if not return a fail and use the return string to dictate what js will do to the page. Can't be any more specific as there are lots of ways to go about form validation you have to pick that for yourself.
  15. the config setting of interest is session.cookie_lifetime which you can set using ini_set('session.cookie_liftime' , X); where X is the number of seconds you want the session to last (0 = as long as browser is open and is default setting) or session_set_cookie_params as described here: http://uk.php.net/manual/en/function.session-set-cookie-params.php. to check the setting use session_get_cookie_params();
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