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  1. Ok, I got it working after some modifications: if(isset($_POST['upload'])){ $familyname = trim($_POST['familyname']); $firstname = trim($_POST['firstname']); $othernames = trim($_POST['othernames']); $dateofbirth = trim($_POST['$dateofbirth']); $img = trim($_POST['imgurl']); $path=$path.$_FILES['file_upload']['name']; if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file_upload']['tmp_name'],$path)) { echo " ".basename($_FILES['file_upload']['name'])." has been uploaded<br/>"; echo '<img src="gallery/'.$_FILES['file_upload']['name'].'" width="80" height="100"/>'; $img=$_FILES['file_upload']['name']; $query="insert into imgtables (familyname,firstname,othernames,dateofbirth,imgurl,date) values('$familyname','$firstname','$othernames',STR_TO_DATE('$dateofbirth','%d-%m-%y'),'$img',now())"; echo($familyname); if($sp->query($query)){ echo "<br/>Inserted to DB also"; }else{ echo "Error <br/>".$sp->error; } } else { echo "There is an error,please retry or ckeck path"; } } I am trying to convert to prepared statement. Regards. Joseph
  2. Hi, The following code was written by someone else. It allows me to upload images to a directory while saving image name in the mysql table. I also want the code to allow me save other data (surname, first name) along with the image name into the table, but my try is not working, only the images get uploaded. What am I missing here? if(isset($_POST['upload'])) { $path=$path.$_FILES['file_upload']['name']; if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file_upload']['tmp_name'],$path)) { echo " ".basename($_FILES['file_upload']['name'])." has been uploaded<br/>"; echo '<img src="gallery/'.$_FILES['file_upload']['name'].'" width="48" height="48"/>'; $img=$_FILES['file_upload']['name']; $query="insert into imgtables (fname,imgurl,date) values('$fname',STR_TO_DATE('$dateofbirth','%d-%m-%y'),'$img',now())"; if($sp->query($query)){ echo "<br/>Inserted to DB also"; }else{ echo "Error <br/>".$sp->error; } } else { echo "There is an error,please retry or check path"; } } ?> joseph
  3. Hi, I appreciate this post. My request is if someone can kindly update the code for MySQLi and maybe provide a full working code for someone like myself. Regards. Joseph
  4. Ok, Barand. I will stick to your suggestion. Again thank you. Joseph
  5. Hi Barand, Ok, Thanx. And If understand you well, I will create a foreign key AgencyID in the t_incidents from the t_users table (which also has a foreign key AgencyID from t_agencies). Is that so? Sorry, I just want to be clear on this one, noting also that I slightly departed from my previous table relationship between incidents and agencies after including users table. Joseph
  6. Hi, I want each new incident created into the t_incidents table by the user to be associated with the AgencyID, a foreign key in the t_users table. The problem is I do not know how this relationship will work and whether I will need a junction table. The two tables are: t_Users +----------+----------+------------+ |UserID | AgencyID |User name | +----------+----------+------------+ |1 | 1 |john | +----------+----------+------------+ |2 | 1 |andrew | +----------+----------+------------+ t_Agencies +----------+------------+ |AgencyID |agency name | +----------+------------+ |1 |police | +----------+------------+ |2 |immigration | +----------+------------+ I will appreciate your advice. Joseph
  7. Hi, I am trying to migrate my project from mysql to mysqli but with little knowledge of the later. Among the noticeable errors is that the code is no longer fetching data from the database, and I am also getting UNDEFINED VARIABLE errors on the in the mysqli statement that should be binding results to variables. Here is the code if you can help: //set connection variables $host = "localhost"; $username = "root"; $password = "password"; $db_name = "mydb"; //database name //connect to mysql server $mysqli = new mysqli($host, $username, $password, $db_name); //check if any connection error was encountered if(mysqli_connect_errno()) { echo "Error: Could not connect to database."; exit; } //Just counting ...required for pagination... $query = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM t_persons"; $result = mysqli_query($mysqli,$query) or die(mysqli_connect_errno()); $num_rows = mysqli_fetch_row($result); $pages = new Paginator; $pages->items_total = $num_rows[0]; $pages->mid_range = 9; // Number of pages to display. Must be odd and > 3 $pages->paginate(); /* check connection */ if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { printf("Connect failed: %s\n", mysqli_connect_error()); exit(); } if ($stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT p.PersonID, p.ImagePath, p.FamilyName, p.FirstName, p.OtherNames, p.Gender, p.CountryID, p.StatusID, i.IncidentDate, i.IncidentCountryID, i.AgencyID, i.KeywordID FROM t_incidents i INNER JOIN t_incident_persons ip ON ip.IncidentID = i.IncidentID INNER JOIN t_persons p ON ip.PersonID = p.PersonID WHERE p.PersonID>0" . $likes . " ORDER BY p.PersonID DESC $pages->limit")) { /* Execute the prepared Statement */ $stmt->execute(); /* Bind results to variables */ $stmt->bind_result($PersonID,$ImagePath,$FamilyName,$FirstName,$OtherNames,$Gender,$CountryID,$StatusID,$IncidentDate,$IncidentCountryID,$AgencyID,$KeywordID); /* fetch values */ while ($rows = $stmt->fetch()) { // display records in a table // $PersonID=$row[0]; ?> <div class="thumbnail"> <a href=details.php?PersonID=<?php echo $PersonID ?> target=gallery><img src="./Persons_Images/<?php echo $row[1]; ?>" width="100" height="130" alt="" /></a><br> <a href="details.php?PersonID=<?php echo $PersonID; ?>"> <?php echo $row[2]; ?> <?php echo $row[3]; ?></a> </div> <?php }?> <?php } /* Close the statement */ $stmt->close(); /* close our connection */ $mysqli->close(); ?> I will appreciate. Joseph
  8. Hi, First, I wish to apologize for taking too long to acknowledge your responses to my earlier question above. The suggested code did not return records between specified date range. Here is the query echo: SELECT * FROM t_persons WHERE PersonID>0 AND IncidentDate BETWEEN '' AND '' ORDER BY p.PersonID DESC LIMIT 0,27 For clarification purpose, I want to know what these variables refer to: 1. $start 2. $end I assume that: start_date is the name of the field to input the first date end_date is the name of the field to input the second date I appreciate your further assistance. Joseph
  9. Hi, How can I select multiple columns from two tables and run a search through multiple fields? My tables are: t_persons (holds information about persons) t_incidents (holds foreign keys from other tables including t_persons table) What I want is to pull some columns from the two tables above and run a search with a LIKE criteria, something like below. The code originally worked well with only one table, but for two tables it generate errors: $query = "SELECT p.PersonID ,p.ImagePath ,p.FamilyName ,p.FirstName ,p.OtherNames ,p.Gender ,p.CountryID ,i.IncidentDate ,i.KeywordID ,i.IncidentCountryID ,i.StatusID FROM t_incidents AS i LEFT JOIN t_persons AS p ON i.PersonID = p.PersonID WHERE FamilyName LIKE '%" . $likes . "%' AND FirstName LIKE '%" . $likes . "%' AND OtherNames LIKE '%" . $likes . "%' AND Gender LIKE '%" . $likes . "%' AND IncidentDate LIKE '%" . $likes . "%' AND KeywordID LIKE '%" . $likes . "%' AND IncidentCountryID LIKE '%" . $likes . "%' AND StatusID LIKE '%" . $likes . "%' ORDER BY PersonID DESC $pages->limit"; Errors are: Column 'IncidentDate' in where clause is ambiguous Column 'KeywordID' in where clause is ambiguous Column 'IncidentCountryID' in where clause is ambiguous Column 'StatusID' in where clause is ambiguous These columns are foreign keys on t_incidents table. I have also attached the table relationship diagram if it helps. I will appreciate any better way to do this. Thanx. Joseph
  10. Sorry here is the screenshort of the EER diagram. Regards. Joseph
  11. Hi, I am re-visiting my database table relationship for criminal incidents. Six tables are involved plus a junction table to make it seven tables in total. I need someone to review this relationship and advise whether or not it is correctly set up. The relationships are as follows: 1. A person can belong to more than one incident: t_persons (one-to-many) t)_incidents_persons 2. A person can only have one nationality by birth t_persons (one-to-one) t_countries 3. An agency can have more than one incident t_agencies (one-to-many) t_incidents 4. A status (e.g. closed incident) can belong to more than one incident t_status (one-to-many_ t_incidents 5. A keyword (i.e. offence type eg theft) t_offencekeywords (one-to-many) t_incidents
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