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  1. Hello, I have this in body as: <body background="bgimage.jpg"> </body> I simply want the image displays in the back without repeating. How can i make the image display 100% without repeating? please help. -P
  2. Hello, I spent a lot of time in google and I could not find what I was looking for. If you can refer me to a link for the below request, it would be great. I am trying to have picture gallery in my website. Not slide show. Similar to this one: http://www.juicebox.net/demos/lite/full/ I like to have a vertical scroll bar. you can see the pictures in the bottom of the image. Once you select an image, it enlarges the picture then show it in the main window. Then you can scroll the bar to right to see the more pictures and so on. Please let me know if you know any site allows this kind of picture gallery. If not, you can provide me any link that does picture gallery. Once you selct an image, picture is enlarged. Please advise. Thanks. -P
  3. worked perfectly. Thank you.
  4. Also, if you could provide me any link where i can learn it. it would be great. I did search but could not find something specific. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am using file zilla to upload file. I have files as below: folder1 folder1file1.php foder2 folder2file.php folder3 folder3file.php Now i am working with folder3file.php. In php, i want to include folder1file.php. How can i do it? <?php 'include 'folder1/folder1file1.php'; ?> not working. Could you please help? -P
  6. This is working. #header-wrapper img{ top: 0; left: 0; height: 307px; width: 100%;} <div id="header-wrapper" ><img src="sky.JPG"/> </div> I want to set the sky image in background instead so that i can have other links on the top of the background. Could you please help?
  7. Hello, I want to have the sky image take the 100% width. It does take 100% width but picture is repeating. How can I have the image without repeating? <table background="sky.JPG" width ="100%" > <tr><td> test </td></tr> </table>
  8. Hello, I want to learn PHP MVC framework -Symfhoni. Someone please help me where to start? any link or book please? I know basic of PHP and javascript. Please let me know. -P
  9. Thank you. I will give a try.
  10. Hello, Below code is working fine except deleting rows. 1. My code simply search mysql to select data. 2. Once data is found, it displays row by row. Working fine so far. 3. I am trying to add a delete button next to each row. When i click Delete only that row gets deleted. Would you provide any help? Thanks. echo "<table border='1'> <tr> <th>Date</th> <th>Income</th> <th>Expense</th> <th>MS</th> <th>MK</th><th>Delete</th> </tr>";while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){$myear = $row['monthyear'];$income = $row['income'];$expense = $row['expense'];$ms = $row['ms'];$mk = $row['mk']; echo "<tr>"; echo "<td>" . $row['monthyear'] . "</td>"; echo "<td>" . $row['income'] . "</td>"; echo "<td>" . $row['expense'] . "</td>"; echo "<td>" . $row['ms'] . "</td>"; echo "<td>" . $row['mk'] . "</td>"; echo "<td>" . "<form name=\"kk\" method=\"post\" action=\"\"> <input type=\"submit\" value=\"Delete\" /></form>". "</td>"; echo "</tr>"; } echo "</table>";
  11. Hello, It is not working. When I run the code, it gets fitted in a box. Instead, I want to scroll the bar to the right to see the content. Please help. <div style="overflow-x:scroll; width: 300px; height: 100px;"> As you can see, once there's enough text in this box, the box will grow scroll bars... that's why we call it As you can see, once there's enough text in this box, the box will grow scroll bars... that's why we call it a scroll box! You could also place an image into the scroll box. a scroll box! You could also place an image into the scroll box. As you can see, once there's enough text in this box, the box will grow scroll bars... that's why we call it a scroll box! You could also place an image into the scroll box. <img src="1.JPG" width ="10" height="10"></div>
  12. Hello, I am trying to delete rows if rowcount > 0. then insert three more rows. That means, each time i click the button, it will compare whether rowcount is greater than 0 or not. If yes, it will delete all the rows and insert three more rows on the fly. If no, it will just insert three more rows. Everything is working except when row is greated than 0. When row is greater than 0, it deletes but do not insert rows unless I click the button again. <html><body><script> function rowinsert(){ var e = document.getElementById("year");var f = document.getElementById("month1"); var strSel = "The Value is: " + e.options[e.selectedIndex].value ; var strSel1 = "The Value is: " + f.options[f.selectedIndex].value ; var rowCount = document.getElementById('myTable').rows.length;//alert(rowCount);//document.getElementById("tableId").deleteRow(i -1); if (rowCount >0) { for($del=0; $del<4; $del++){//alert($del);document.getElementById("myTable").deleteRow(0);} } for($row=0; $row<3; $row++){var table=document.getElementById("myTable");var row=table.insertRow($row);var cell1=row.insertCell(0);var cell2=row.insertCell(1);cell1.innerHTML="New1";cell2.innerHTML="New";}} </script> <div> <select id="year"> <option value="2013">2013</option> <option value="2012">2012</option> </select> <select id="month1" > <option value="Jan">January</option> <option value="Feb">Feb</option> <option value="Mar">Mar</option> </select> <br/> <button onClick="rowinsert();">Get Selected Item</button></div> <table id="myTable" border="1"> </table></body></html>
  13. Hello, I want to insert a row after i click the submit button but no rows get inserted. Please help me! <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><script> window.onload = function(){ var selectElement = document.getElementById('animal'); var selectMonth = document.getElementById('month1'); document.getElementById('year').onsubmit = function(){ var index = selectElement.selectedIndex; var indexM = selectMonth.selectedIndex; var ff = selectElement.options[index].value; var mm = selectMonth.options[indexM].value; }; }; function displayResult(){ for($row=0; $row<1; $row++){var table=document.getElementById("myTable");var row=table.insertRow($row);var cell1=row.insertCell(0);var cell2=row.insertCell(1);cell1.innerHTML="tt";cell2.innerHTML="mm";} }</script></head><body> <form id="year" action="#"><table border = "2"><tr><td> <strong>Select Year</strong> </td> <td> <strong>Select Month </strong></td> </tr><tr><td> <select id="animal" name="animal" class="favAnimal"> <option value="2013">2013</option> <option value="2012">2012</option> </select></td><td> <select id="month1" name="animal" class="favAnimal"> <option value="Jan">January</option> <option value="Feb">Feb</option> <option value="Mar">Mar</option> </select></td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan = "2"> <input type="submit" onclick="displayResult();" value="Submit" /></td></tr></table></form> <br> <table id="myTable" border="1"><tr> <td><b>year</b> </td> <td> <b>month</b></td> </tr></table><br> </body></html>
  14. Hello, I have the below code. Depending on the value of row, i want to see the same number of rows in the table. Can i do it? <script>Var row = 5</script> <table width='400' cellpadding='5' cellspacing='5' border='5' row = '5'> <tr> <td><b>Month/Year</b> </td> <td> <b>Income</b></td> <td><b>Expense</b> </td> <td><b>MK</b> </td> <td><b>MS</b> </td></tr> <tr> <td> <p id="m0">Hello World!</p> </td> <td> <p id="i0">Hello World!</p></td> <td><p id="e0">Hello World!</p></td> <td><p id="k0">Hello World!</p> </td> <td><p id="s0">Hello World!</p> </td></tr> </table>
  15. Hello, I have a html table with 10 rows but I do not need 10 rows always. I want to see a number of rows depending on a value. That means during run time, if generated value is 2, i want to see only two rows. If generated value is 3, i want to see only three rows. How can i do that? -P
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