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  1. Posted criticism of a website in Miscelaneous. Can you tell I'm angry? ;) I'll get over it.

  2. Bought my 12 year old a book on Unity coding yesterday. He's worked through the first 6 chapters and is now trying to teach the 9 year old neighbors. -proud papa

    1. sKunKbad


      Sounds great. My son is 10 and starting in with HTML. Hopefully by the time he is my age he will have some serious skills!


    2. TrickyInt



      Whish my parents could help me in the coding aspect, it's hard learning everything on your own.

    3. davidannis


      TrickyInt - that's why we're here.

  3. I love it when in trying to formulate a coherent, well thought out post I come up with the answer that was eluding me.

    1. sKunKbad


      It has happened to me many times.

  4. I need to get away from this snow.

    1. Stefany93


      Southerner ? :D


  5. 日本語 べんきょう します。

  6. Sleep deprived and crabby

    1. Philip


      aren't we all... :)

  7. Going to sit on a beach for a few weeks with a keyboard and tablet and really learn jQuery. Be back in a month or so.

  8. I hate that I oscilate between being bored and being far too busy

    1. dalecosp


      But isn't that kind of normal?

  9. I may not have graduated from medical school like she did, but now my wife's got nothing on me.

  10. Missing the Freak title. It was like a doctorate.

    1. Philip


      You are now the freak dr!

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