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  1. Ok, I am not going to be using another IDE. Question stated again: can you start a session without having it at the top of a page. Is there another way around this?
  2. Why would I have to use another IDE? I have this thing reading an IPN from PayPal and recording all data to MySQL, sessions are working problem is I can't write the sessions at the very beginning of my page. My question is, is there another way to make sessions work without having it at the top of the page. Please explain why you think I need another IDE. Intelligent answers only please.
  3. I don't want to use another IDE. My brother is artistic and is designing my site in muse. I'm am just throwing in some php to make the log in system. I do have access to the access file. Could you explain more about this? I'm very new to php.
  4. Ok so, adobe muse doesn't allow me to write code at the beginning of the document. I opened it in dream weaver and put the code in before uploading it. Seems I need to have session strt at the VERY beginning of y code.... This is annoying to open it in dream weaver to add the code. Is there another option?
  5. Hey everyone, New to the forum and I php. I am using adobe muse to design my website which does not allow me to write code at the beginning of the document. Adobe muse exports all the files at HTML files and then I upload them. I am making a login system and I need to use sessions. I have the session working (I think). I set an variable session(email) and if this is set then echo welcome back. If it isn't set then i echoed the forms for a login. Problem I am having is when I go to a link on my page my page seems to lose my session. I am unable to write my php before any HTML code. Is this causing the problem?
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