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  1. I bet what's happening is there's a timeout from MSN on the socket. Clasically, In order to keep a socket alive you need to send a NOOP (or similar.) I think the extensive testing the author told you about was on a really active bot
  2. Interesting. Well this is an IIS configuration issue then. Unfortunately, I'm not a windows user so I can't help.
  3. Or, take a stab at it and feel free to ask questions along the way!
  4. How about this one? http://us.php.net/manual/en/function.parse-url.php
  5. Excuse me? You asked how to do it and I told you. You then said my answer was not adequate because you have no idea how to do it. My response? Do what you can and ask for help with the rest. I don't understand how I am being unreasonable or rude..
  6. Or the book had a bug and is tailored to that specific version of mysqli
  7. I' sorry to say, I'm not going to write the function for you. How about you try to do what you know, and ask for help on the edge cases as needed? From there I'll be happy to help!
  8. The best framework is the one that suits your project the best. How's that for ambiguous?
  9. Will other users be updating the same page? Or will it be completely custom for the user? Need more details before we can help, but you'll want to look in to how to work with databases.
  10. Here's some pseudo-code <?php $open_file = ... $odd = 0; while ($f = fread($file..) { if (odd == 0) { echo 'this is what happens the first time'; $odd = 1; } else { echo 'this is what happens the second time'; $odd = 0; } }
  11. Write a function that takes scientific notation and converts it to an integer.
  12. He wats the be protected but also allow people to enter their name in bold if they'd like (like <b>keeb</b>) This can only be done with a whitelist. PHP doesn't have one built in. Refer to my previous link for an example of how to do it.
  13. You're not providing enough information. Is this username/password something specific to your site or is it the HTTP username/password authorization scheme?
  14. $toEmail gets changed based to the $_POST['email'], where email is defined as: <select name="email" ... <option... </select>
  15. Check VirtualHosts. That's what you want to do. Something like this article may help: http://www.webmasterworld.com/apache/3631903.htm
  16. Then you need to make an HTML whitelist and pass the user input in to it. Here's an example written in C#: http://refactormycode.com/codes/333-sanitize-html
  17. You're sure there are no errors? So you run: php bot.php And in the end it just terminates without printing anything?
  18. Can you please post any errors that happen?
  19. How to deal with files: http://php.net/fopen http://php.net/fwrite http://php.net/fread Plenty of examples there.
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