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  1. I did, it did and I already echoed the password for my username. Now I have to try the whole code and see what happens, so I'm tagging this as solved. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Yeah, I knew that much. But I didn't know it was still the case after I'd sent the variables with the js function. I thought that if I either opened or refreshed the php after executing this function I would see the variables echoed. In any case, I'll try to do what I was originally trying to do and see if it works. For the time being, I appologize to everyone for having wasted your time and thank you very much for your help.
  3. I'm beginning to think the mistake is even more stupid than I'd thought, but based on some phps I'd created before I expected to see the echoed string if I opened the php itself. I thought that was a good way of checking if it was working. Am I wrong (and stupid)?
  4. I do get frog and ted, Shadowing.
  5. path to file li.php is /home/vol1/getfreehosting.co.uk/getfh_6562567/htdocs/chat/li.php Got the same results with IE 8.
  6. Sorry I didn't asnwer all the questions. I have been able to used the same file to pass a variable to the db, so everything is in place.
  7. Still the js code, there are still a few things I'd like to try before giving up on it.
  8. I actually get an "not found" error in the developers console is I add "chat/".
  9. The php is in my chat folder. Same folder as the js and the html.
  10. No, teynon, sorry I didn't see your question. I was responding to shadowing's idea. I no longer get any error from chrome, it was only when I added "/" before "li.php" that I got an error.
  11. This is what is echoed: Notice: Undefined index: q in /home/vol1/getfreehosting.co.uk/getfh_6562567/htdocs/chat/li.php on line 3 Notice: Undefined index: r in /home/vol1/getfreehosting.co.uk/getfh_6562567/htdocs/chat/li.php on line 4 query string is SELECT pass FROM chat WHERE nick='' db return is
  12. Nothing is ever returned. But, as I said before, the variables do get to the php and from there to the mysql db. I agree the problem must be in the sql part of the code, but I can simply not spot it.
  13. Manixat, I tried and it didn't work so I thought the variables were not getting to the php. But then I modified the php to insert the variables in the database and it worked, so this keeps getting better and better.
  14. As an amateur (a flagrant one), I try to avoid using anything unless I find it absolutely necessary, and until now, I had never had problems with javascript. I guess it's time for a change, but I would still like to know what is going wrong with the original code; I'm certain it has to be something silly.
  15. No errors at all, it's just the variables are not reaching the php. They are in fact in the same directory.
  16. You're right shadowing, that's what I meant, but adding "/" did not do it. It actually gave me an error message in the developer / network tab mentioned by teynon. I've already done this in the past with an almost identical code, so it has to be a stupid mistake.
  17. I mean it doesn't echo anything and I know the reason is the variables are not getting to the php file. I simply don't know why. I'm using chrome, so the request is fine
  18. I'm trying to do something which I've done before but for some reason (which has to be a silly one) it doesn't work now. This is the js: var userName; var password; function logIn(){ userName=document.f.un.value; password=document.f.pa.value; xmlhttp2=new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlhttp2.open("POST","li.php",true); xmlhttp2.setRequestHeader("Content-type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"); xmlhttp2.send("q="+userName+"&r="+password); document.getElementById("iden").style.visibility='hidden'; } (I know the variables are working, because if I add alert I see them.) And this is the php: <?php $q=$_POST["q"]; $r=$_POST["r"]; $con2=mysql_connect("","",""); mysql_select_db("",$con2); $result=mysql_query("SELECT pass FROM chat WHERE nick='$q'"); $row=mysql_fetch_array($result); echo $row[0]; mysql_close($con2); ?> I know the function is working because if a change $_POST["q"] by $_POST["any nick"], it echoes the pass.
  19. Thank you very, requinix, I will.
  20. Sorry, but aside from my "come-and-hack-me-I'm-an-idiotic-newbie" move, I see nothing strange in the code. I know that it contains html tags, but so do all the examples I've seen online.
  21. html tags appear when I retrieve info from a table. This is my .js: function receive() { var xmlhttp=false; xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlhttp.open("GET","step2.php",false); xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() { if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200) { document.getElementById("answer").innerText=xmlhttp.responseText; } } xmlhttp.send(); } And this is my .php: <html> <body> <?php $con2=mysql_connect("sql108.getfreehosting.co.uk","getfh_6562567","19770514"); mysql_select_db("getfh_6562567_fch",$con2); $result=mysql_query("SELECT message FROM chat WHERE Id=1"); $row=mysql_fetch_array($result); echo $row[0]; mysql_close($con2); ?> </body> </html> What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
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