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  1. so what is the correct syntax for it. i need procedure_id not to distinct because i need procedure_id to get the details of table2
  2. here is my query - trtpay.treatment_payment_id is already group_by - procedure_id is represent as item _id and treatement_payment_id is payment_id but here i get error like syntax to use near 'distinct(treatement_payment_id)as.. left join (select procedure_id, distinct(treatement_payment_id)as tp from episode_payment) as episode on episode.tp = trtpay.treatment_payment_id
  3. i mean is. disregard the table3 at all.
  4. how about this? can i have your query..
  5. wow . . Thank you last one question, how to achieve if i only use table1 and table2 and display the item_name in group_concat. base on payment_id
  6. im not the creator of this db. im a second user actually. i am now creating a report and i found this case.. and im stock here. but do you think theres is no way to achieve this case. since the client want that case...
  7. the query is messy actually an very long, that why i didn't show. there are many table join. my forpus is to get an idea if this case is possible..
  8. Hi coders, this is not the actual of my table but the scenario is the same.. i cannot get the list of the item because conflict, im not sure., i try it many time 10hrs but failed. now i decided to get help from you guys.. Table1 +-----------------------------------------+ | id | item_id | paymen | payment_id | +-----------------------------------------+ | 1 | 1 | 25 | 11 | +-----------------------------------------+ | 2 | 3 | 15 | 11 | +-----------------------------------------+ | 3 | 2 | 75 | 11
  9. just wow.. @Barand why you are like that.. so easy to solve.. for me actually i got whole day like 15hrs.. but actually i follow your 1st statement.. thank you so much..
  10. i have foreach loop for payment list of a client if they fully paid or have a balance, my problem is client has two receipt like payment in cash and payment in card. he/she paid by different date but don't mind the date.. here is my table dbtable scenario uid | name | payment_type | cost | payment | 1 | kim | card | 100 | 100 | 2 | lee | cash | 95 | 95 | 3 | kent | cash | 100 | 50 | 3 | kent | card | 100 | 50 | 4 | iya
  11. when i add two text field below, branchname and pickdate i got the error message. if (!$json) { $this->session->data['shipping_method'] = $this->session->data['shipping_methods'][$shipping[0]]['quote'][$shipping[1]]; $this->session->data['branchnamed'] = $this->request->post['branchname']; $this->session->data['pickup_dated'] = $this->request->post['pickup_date']; $this->session->data['comment'] = strip_tags($this->request->post['comment']); } $this->response->addHeader('Content-Type: application/json'); $this->response->setO
  12. Hi coders, i have added new fields for store branch and pick-up date, but i cannot insert the data in the said fields. i try many times but i cannot get it. so please help. give me an instruction where i did get wrong.. opecart v2.3
  13. i use VAR/CHARs and i think its too late to change it into DATE. its already have data more than 70k.
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