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  1. Yohanne's post in opencart checkout, select store branch and pick-up date was marked as the answer   
    when i add two text field below, branchname and pickdate i got the error message.
    if (!$json) { $this->session->data['shipping_method'] = $this->session->data['shipping_methods'][$shipping[0]]['quote'][$shipping[1]]; $this->session->data['branchnamed'] = $this->request->post['branchname']; $this->session->data['pickup_dated'] = $this->request->post['pickup_date']; $this->session->data['comment'] = strip_tags($this->request->post['comment']); } $this->response->addHeader('Content-Type: application/json'); $this->response->setOutput(json_encode($json)); error..
    SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data OK <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: branchname in <b>/home/octagon/public_html/ocs_shop/upload/catalog/controller/checkout/shipping_method.php
  2. Yohanne's post in union two table and get max id was marked as the answer   
    thanks guys, to do it in my self 
    finaly solve..
    "SELECT MAX(sr_no) AS maxsr, request_to FROM (SELECT sr_generate.srno AS sr_no,sr_generate.sr_branch_code AS request_to FROM sr_generate UNION ALL SELECT smr_request_compile.sr_no, smr_request_compile.request_to FROM smr_request_compile) AS subTable WHERE request_to = '$branch_code'";
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