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  1. Hey guys, i am trying to create a box to show images or content once a user selects a link within a gallery. So for example i have an image --> user scrolls over --> image overlay shows a link ---> link actions to a jquery action to where a hidden field shows more data. right now i have everything to the point to where the links default action is disabled and the "overlay" div that will show the content is hidden. when i then go ahead and add some jquery to add a class when the link is clicked nothing seems to happen. <section class="work_area" id="WORK">
  2. Yes everything was correct. It now seems to work flawlessly. seems there was a hiccup in the mail server, and all the requests / response got batched and sent together. so i think the code ( which it should ) works fine. i think this was more of an email server issue.
  3. Thanks for the feedback Requinix. I used a mail function library and installed this into my site. ( i added the following code into a file called mailtest.php ) ran it and success, i got my test email sent to me and everything was all good. I then tried to add this into my existing ( working ) php contact form that uses jquery and ajax to run a no refresh UI form. the form worked and all the functions ran perfectly. So i assumed just adding the code that worked inside one file would work inside my working conditional of the "completed" form. Does not seem to work . Not sure wh
  4. hey guys, i am trying to auto generate an email. i have a function that calls for the following use of : <?php $emailSub = 'Test Subject'; $emailTo = 'myemail@gmail.com'; $emailMsg = 'You have a new email that must be read below:<br> '; mail($emailTo,$emailSub,$emailMsg); ?> i dont seem to get any email. any suggestions as to why ?
  5. So the issue that was bringing this message was my regular expression variable was missing a character so the function of match was not working. $reg_exp = "/^([a-z0-9._-]+@[a-z0-9._-]+\.[a-z]{2,4}$/ "; if(!preg_match($reg_exp, $email)){ $errorMsg .= "<p>A valid email is required</p>"; } so that fixed this issue. What you bring up is a whole other issue within itself, that i realized once solving the problem above. The data for $message is not being sent to with the submission and client side php is not seeing that data. Not sure why that would be happeni
  6. I changed this just in case that was the issue. nothing was solved. this was a great catch on the variable names, sadly i had shortcut the duplication of them and did not change them to the proper variable name. Nether of these solutions solved the problem. The actual processing of the script is taking longer ( i see the loading gif longer ) , but the final result is the same error. Any other suggestions ?
  7. Hey guys, i am trying to create a contact form that by passes the page refresh and uses Jquery and Ajax to direct to a php file server side. So far i have everything work fine. until the final part where i pass the json data type into PHP and look to catch an error, success, or completion value. Currently i have an error coming back with the following: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < error due to a parsererror condition I do not see any errors in the console of of chrome, and i have no idea why i am getting this syntax error. These does not seem to be any conflicting d
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