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  1. I get it now. Brilliant idea. Thank you guys.....
  2. Thank you guys for prompt answer. The difficulty I will have with that is that I say saloon car can take 2 large 1 small which is 3 suitcases. If I allow them to choose 3 suitcases in total then they could choose 3 large suitcase which will not fit in a saloon car. Hope it makes sense...
  3. Hello All, I need to figure out a way to get a value from data base. The difficulty is that the query will be based on a form request. I have a table called VEHICLES. And I need to pull all values using the data from submitted form field of passengers, large_bags, small_bags by visitor. This table contains different vehicles like a Saloon car which can take up to 4 passengers, 2 large bags and 1 small bag So Example. If a visitor Selects 2 Passengers, 2 Large Bags and 0 Small Bags. It should only pull the vehicle which can take 2 Passengers, 2 Large Bags. current code I have is like this which only selects a specific value from the table. It does not SELECT * FROM vehicles WHERE passengers ='$passengers' AND large_case='$large_bags' AND small_case='$small_bags' This will only return the value according to what ever the visitor select and because of that 32 Saloon vehicle needs to be created which is not practical. I need to make a code that calculates the option using the values from the form and pulls only the vehicle which is suitable for the entered value Example: We have following vehicles; Salooon => up to 4 Passengers, 2 Large Bags, 1 Small Bag Estate => up to 4 Passengers, 4 Large Bags or 3 Large bags and 2 Small Bag or 2 Large Bags and 4 Small bags or some other combunations MPV => Up to 6 Passengers, 3 Large Bags and 2 Small Bags or other combinations Minibus => Up to 8 Passengers and 10 Large Bags and 5 Small bags or other combinations of large and small bags Form Entry: 3 Passengers + 3 Large Bags + 2 Small Bags This should only Return ESTATE. I hope I could explain enough.
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