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  1. 76000 profile views goddamnit... This isn't legit.

  2. Do you even get his point? Ajax is frankly said easiest to use with a framework... The developers do not have to make their work harder than it is when they can easily use premade stuff. So, assume this, because I use phpMyAdmin and don't hardcode all tables myself, that makes me a framework soldier? 'k.
  3. 32603 profile views doesn't seem legit O_O

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    2. Irate



      I really wonder who even searches for me.

    3. KubeR


      Or you're just so lovable...

    4. Irate


      I'd say so, too ;)

  4. I don't like code completion either (unless it's in my console, there it's handy if you only need snippets to test one-liners), simple syntax highlighting is all a proper editor needs imo.
  5. If I may recommend you some German books on this topic, I would like to mention 'PHP 5.4 & MySQL 5.5 - Das umfassende Handbuch' by Stefan Reimers and Gunnar Thies (excellent literature for every German-speaking newcomer to PHP which includes high quality code examples), 'PHP 5.3 & MySQL 5.4 - Programmierung, Administration, Praxisprojekte' by Michael Kofler and Bernd Öggl, 'PHP programmieren unter Windows' by Arno Hollosi for all those who want to use IIS and MSSQL, and, last but not least, a book on JavaScript... 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide' by David Flanagan. All of those helped me a lot when I started to learn programming (and still am).
  6. Notepad++, of course (though the normal Notepad is 'retro' enough and 'hipster').
    1. Philip


      $Phil->status = 'great!';

    2. Irate


      var irate = { status_reply: "That's cool. I hope to improve my PHP skills here, and not just a little.", emotion: undefined }; document.write(irate.status_reply); irate.emotion = "Happy.";

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