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  1. Irate

    New Moderator: requinix

    Suuuuure. By the way, congratz, it was about time.
  2. Hello everyone, it's been a while since I last made a topic, but here we go. So, to start, I am working with TYPO3 right now - to be exact, I am modifying an extension for someone - and I want to assign certain variables I can access with placeholders, but I have not worked with SQL in a while and since I have been here for a while, I figured I might as well ask you guys. I am grabbing entries from the table brandings which has three columns: one is called "brandingTargetPath", the second one is called "user" and the last one is "when", where the first two will be varchar(255) and the last one is int(11), with the table having an auto-increment Primary Key called "uid". Now, I can select the rows I want to and use "SORT BY when DESC" to get the most recent entries first, but then I want to differentiate between the different "brandingTargetPath" entries and show only the most recent entry in a certain path (the possible paths will be provided by PHP). Could anyone just hint me at the direction which SQL commands I should use? That'd be great, I can sort out the rest by myself. Thanks in advance, Irate
  3. Irate

    if (!preg_match(

    Just add E? after the S.
  4. How about using [^\w $\-] The \w in a synonym for [a-zA-Z0-9_], so this saves you a few valuable characters (if you're writing compressed and/or minified code.
  5. Irate

    if (!preg_match(

    RegExp for the 2nd question would look like this... #S[\d]{5}/[\d]{4}# As for the RegExp you posted, you can use commonly used shortcuts, like [\w] instead of [a-zA-Z_-], I think that'd help you somewhat. Edit: Forgot a backslash.
  6. 76000 profile views goddamnit... This isn't legit.

  7. Hrmpf, I guess my reading skills were better at another time. I apologize.
  8. Try .htaccess to generate 403 errors when accessing the script, if you have an Apache server running. ErrorDocument 403 /path/to/file.php
  9. Irate


    Do you even get his point? Ajax is frankly said easiest to use with a framework... The developers do not have to make their work harder than it is when they can easily use premade stuff. So, assume this, because I use phpMyAdmin and don't hardcode all tables myself, that makes me a framework soldier? 'k.
  10. 32603 profile views doesn't seem legit O_O

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Irate



      I really wonder who even searches for me.

    3. KubeR


      Or you're just so lovable...

    4. Irate


      I'd say so, too ;)

  11. I don't like code completion either (unless it's in my console, there it's handy if you only need snippets to test one-liners), simple syntax highlighting is all a proper editor needs imo.
  12. Irate

    mysqld.exe unable to be deleted

    That did the job, wonder why I didn't come to think of it yet...
  13. Irate

    mysqld.exe unable to be deleted

    I just talked to my IT Teacher at school, he said that I could download such data freely and then play it on a CD. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll reply once I have more information on this matter.
  14. Irate

    mysqld.exe unable to be deleted

    I uninstalled XAMPP and it prompted me to try deleting the folder, but couldn't. I shut down my PC and rebooted it already, didn't work :l Would I be able to achieve the same with a VM?
  15. Irate

    mysqld.exe unable to be deleted

    Hahah, thank you for the suggestion, but I'm staying with Windows at the moment, I just bought this PC a year ago, whenever I get a new PC, I'll get myself Linux. So... any other suggestions? :/

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