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  1. 76000 profile views goddamnit... This isn't legit.

  2. Do you even get his point? Ajax is frankly said easiest to use with a framework... The developers do not have to make their work harder than it is when they can easily use premade stuff. So, assume this, because I use phpMyAdmin and don't hardcode all tables myself, that makes me a framework soldier? 'k.
  3. 32603 profile views doesn't seem legit O_O

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    2. Irate



      I really wonder who even searches for me.

    3. KubeR


      Or you're just so lovable...

    4. Irate


      I'd say so, too ;)

  4. I don't like code completion either (unless it's in my console, there it's handy if you only need snippets to test one-liners), simple syntax highlighting is all a proper editor needs imo.
  5. That did the job, wonder why I didn't come to think of it yet...
  6. I just talked to my IT Teacher at school, he said that I could download such data freely and then play it on a CD. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll reply once I have more information on this matter.
  7. I uninstalled XAMPP and it prompted me to try deleting the folder, but couldn't. I shut down my PC and rebooted it already, didn't work :l Would I be able to achieve the same with a VM?
  8. Hahah, thank you for the suggestion, but I'm staying with Windows at the moment, I just bought this PC a year ago, whenever I get a new PC, I'll get myself Linux. So... any other suggestions? :/
  9. Still occuring, tried looking up all processes with sql in it, ended them, couldn't delete mysqld.exe. Anyone know how to force a delete if the process is still running?
  10. Yeah, topic title. I've been using XAMPP, messed up my configuration details big time and couldn't reverse it, decided to uninstall it and then re-install it, but I can't delete that single file because it is perpetually executing even though I never opened it. All other files were deleted without problems... Any way to end the process (I can't find it in my taskmgr) prematurely or any way to delete the file? Thanks in advance...
  11. Notepad++, of course (though the normal Notepad is 'retro' enough and 'hipster').
    1. Philip


      $Phil->status = 'great!';

    2. Irate


      var irate = { status_reply: "That's cool. I hope to improve my PHP skills here, and not just a little.", emotion: undefined }; document.write(irate.status_reply); irate.emotion = "Happy.";

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