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  1. Thank you Jessica! Currently in work at the moment so I'll give it a go this evening when I get home!
  2. I've not touched MySQL in years so I'm basically coming back to it 'for the first time',I'm not enitrely sure what is I'm asking. What I need is to store a couple of paragraphs into MySQL, and echo that content by referrencing an ID because I want the content editable. I suppose the best way to explain what I mean is, let's assume it's a news article. I want to be able to store the article in MySQL, echo said article into a PHP script, allow the user to completely rewrite the article and still have it echo the edited column entry. Does that make sense? I'm struggling to put it into words lol. In Pseudo-code: Content goes into Column 1 Echo Column 1 User edits content that belongs to column 1 Echo Column 1 (which will be the edited content, not the original)
  3. Hello all, I've created an auto-response script for work, which originally stored the auto-response script (the paragraph of text) in a php file that I would include into the actual form. I have decided to use MySQL to try and make it a little more flexible, however I'm wondering how I can use MySQL to pull the output script from Mysql. Right now, I have a table called output_scripts, a column called SID and another column called OutputScript. OutputScript contains the text that I want to generate (Hello, $name - your password is $password. Please proceed to log in to $url -- for example) and SID is auto incremented. Can I call SID to pull the text I need from OutputScript? Thanks!
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