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  1. Hello everyone. I wrote a bit of code to thwart spammers trying to hijack my form processing script. I have 3 files in play...1 form that a user fills out, a form processor, and a Thank You page. I have a question about code in my form processor. Here's a bit of the code in question: //get the variables posted from the form $firstname = $_POST['FirstName']; $lastname = $_POST['LastName']; $organization = $_POST['OrgName']; $address1 = $_POST['Address1']; $address2 = $_POST['Address2']; $city = $_POST['City']; $state = $_POST['State']; $zip = $_POST['Zip']; $phone = $_POST['Phone']; $phonehome = $_POST['PhoneHome']; $phonework = $_POST['PhoneWork']; $phonecell= $_POST['PhoneCell']; $email = $_POST['Email']; $message = $_POST['Message']; //FOLLOWING ITEM IS USED FOR EMAIL FRIEND FEATURE $senderemail = $_POST['SenderEmail']; //////// TRIM THE ENDS OF THE STRING TO REMOVE ANY EMPTY SPACES $firstname = trim($firstname); $lastname = trim($lastname); $organization = trim($organization); $address1 = trim($address1); $address2 = trim($address2); $city = trim($city); $state = trim($state); $zip = trim($zip); $phonehome = trim($phonehome); $phonework = trim($phonework); $phonecell= trim($phonecell); $email = trim($email); $phone = trim($phone); $message = trim($message); $senderemail = trim($senderemail); //////// STRIP HTML AND PHP TAGS FROM THE STRINGS $firstname = strip_tags($firstname); $lastname = strip_tags($lastname); $organization = strip_tags($organization); $address1 = strip_tags($address1); $address2 = strip_tags($address2); $city = strip_tags($city); $state = strip_tags($state); $zip = strip_tags($zip); $phonehome = strip_tags($phonehome); $phonework = strip_tags($phonework); $phonecell= strip_tags($phonecell); $email = strip_tags($email); $phone = strip_tags($phone); $message = strip_tags($message); $senderemail = strip_tags($senderemail); I know there has to be a better, more compact way to write this bit of code. Would I use an array? Code examples greatly appreciated as I am a php novice (but learnin more every day!). Anyone have suggestions for compacting this code? FYI, there are more blocks of code in my file. I pasted 3 blocks of code above just so you can get the idea of how I wrote the code. Thanks in advance for any advice. dlc
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