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  1. looks like your date format is coming from config. You can change the date format in your config and insert \@ between date and time. $conf['formatdetails'] = 'd M Y H:i'; to $conf['formatdetails'] = 'd M Y \@ H:i'; Edit: This will change the date format whereever the config date format is used, so if you dont want to do that, you can specify this format for this code only: <td align='left' class='forumheader3' nowrap>".(($wardate == -1) ? "" : date('d M Y \@ H:i', $wardate))."</td>
  2. $strSql = " INSERT INTO ffa_screens (imgname,match) VALUES( '" . mysql_real_escape_string($imgstr) . "', '" . mysql_real_escape_string($id) . "' )"; echo $strSql; $result = mysql_query($strSql) or die(mysql_error());
  3. print "<font color=blue>" . $num2 . "</font> and the answer is <font color=red>" $myTotal ."</font>!"; should be print "<font color=blue>" . $num2 . "</font> and the answer is <font color=red>".$myTotal ."</font>!"; error shows the line number
  4. Hi All, Does anybody have idea about implementing "Did you mean ?" functionality like Google in PHP/MySQL? Let me explain in detail. I have a table containing search words. If a person types a wrong spelling by mistake and submits, the page should look for spellings who are closely matching with the entered word in the search word table and show the alternatives as "Did you mean" ? Example: Person enter "Amsterdm" No Results Found. Did you mean "Amsterdam" ? Thanks
  5. Hi vbnullchar , He needs to call a file from some other domain/server and as far as i know. cross domain AJAX calls do not work.. It will give you security error.
  6. Try this, <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Test</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <?php $arr = $_POST['oldvalue']; $arr[] = $_POST['newvalue']; ?> <table> <?php for($i=0;$i<count($arr);$i++) { ?> <tr><td><?php echo $arr[$i] ?></td></tr> <?php } ?> </table> <form method="POST"> <input type="text" name="newvalue"> <?php for($i=0;$i<count($arr);$i++) { ?> <input type="hidden" name="oldvalue[]" value="<?php echo $arr[$i] ?>"> <?php } ?> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Add Value"> </form> </BODY> </HTML>
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