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  1. webdevdea

    Json help

    how would i change data type from html to json,
  2. webdevdea

    Json help

    yes I think it is not formatting correctly..
  3. webdevdea

    Json help

    at my link http://dandewebwonders.com/BBProject%204/index.php when you click on players you see the error.. this is what i need to do .. change data type from html to json, fix the controller error, and change it to parse the data.data object. case "listPlayers_Data" : $response = null; $results = array(); $players = new PlayersClass(); foreach ($players -> RetrieveAll() as $row) { $results[] = new PlayerListModel($row -> Id); } $response -> data = $results; echo json_encode($response); break; and a link to the project on github https://github.com/deannariddlespur/bb_Project/blob/master/Controllers/Controller.php
  4. Got my code to work!!!!! On to the next problem lol

  5. Oh why wont my code work?

    1. Stefany93


      The eternal question...


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