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  1. I have the large image file that I echo into a html page. I do the normal width and height but, the displayed image has lost all detail. I want an image that looks like a smaller version of the original. I am not sure if thumbnail will do the trick.
  2. apache is fine. Don't know of any blanks. I'll keep at it Thanks.
  3. I have my Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.1 up and running. Started coding my Database to find PDO is not enabled in PHP.INI. I have changed everything and restarted Apache but PDO remain blank. It almost looks like I am using the wrong PHP.ini file, but I have double and triple check that. I am at a lost. I have attached the ini file. php.ini.txt
  4. Have a question. I have a program running on my desktop that is client side of a program. Is it possible to run something like this on a Web Site??? Or at least run the program from the Web Site. It is a C+ program that installs the client on your desktop for use. I'm thinking not but what someone who know for sure to tell me. Thanks for any input you my have.
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