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  1. Hi I inserted javascript to track google ad conversions inside finalpage.htm which is parte of a major site I which I don’t have access to. The site manager only allows uploading some .htm pages for customization purposes. But the scripts are not running anymore. When I use google label checker plugin to analyse the page, I got the message below: <script> tag must not be included in a <span> But the finalpage.htm is a blank page, so there is not <span> Maybe <span> are coming from a higher level of the website. Is there I way to prevent this and guarantee my seeing as a real blank page ? Moises
  2. Hi I am a starter PHP programmer and able to build basic structures to access mySql database. Now I have a folder named “database” in my C: disk, and it belongs to a Java software . Below are some files inside the folder: derby.log, c1a1.dat, c1b1.dat, c1c0.dat… etc I would like to know if it’s possible to access it using php, and the command I can use to connect to it, something as I do to acess my MySql database. Also if it's possible, and how to view its tables in PHPMyAdmin. Moises
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