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  1. Thank you for your input guys...I really appreciate it
  2. Hi there, I have a client who has a form on a php page that posts data to a script. That script process the post data and generates a pdf which comes back and is automatically downloaded in the user's browser. They would like to redirect the user to a separate page after this process is complete. I have tried redirecting by adding : header( 'Location: http://www.yoursite.com/new_page.html' ) ; to the bottom of the php script but I don't think this is working b/c the user doesn't actually go to that script page ever. I have also tried incorporating a redirect with jQuery based on the submit button, but it never seems to execute...it is as if the pdf download script prevents the jQuery redirect from occurring. I tried utilizing ajax to submit the form data to the script and was then going to redirect after a successful response, but I don't think the form data is being sent in the proper format and that seems like a convoluted solution to a simple problem. Any ideas? Or should I stick with the Ajax/jQuery approach? Thanks!
  3. hey Requinix, Thanks for that! Makes perfect sense.
  4. Hey there, I am trying to parse a large xml file (~700 mb) and running into a bad gateway error from my host. I believe this is b/c the php script I have put together is taking so long to run. I am utilizing xmlreader combined with simplexml (within a node) to extract data and then insert it into our DB. As a solution to the timeout issues (if the host can't increase the script runtime value), I am thinking I could just break the parsing job into chunks. To do this, I think I would need to be able to tell the xmlreader to begin at a specified node number. Is this possible? How can I tell it to start at the 4th "car" tag below? <car> <color>blue</color> <doors>4</doors> </car> <car> <color>blue</color> <doors>2</doors> </car> <car> <color>black</color> <doors>2</doors> </car> <car> <color>black</color> <doors>4</doors> </car> <color>black</color> <doors>2</doors> </car> <car> <color>black</color> <doors>4</doors> </car>
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