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  1. litebearer, u re right...thanks for your time...
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first post..jeje I've a problem with a simple dropdown, the dropdown is populated with mysql table, and everything works fine, but when I use the submit button, in the save.php doesn't get the first choice of the dropdown! if I select 2nd o 3rd or other..it works..but when I choose the first it return empty.. here my code: EDIT.PHP <div class="form-row row-fluid"> <label class="form-label span4" for="tipoproveedor">Tipo Proveedor</label> <div class="span7 controls"> <select name="selectTipoProveedor" id="selectTipoProveedor"> <option VALUE=<? while ($rowTipoProveedor=mysql_fetch_array($resultTipoProveedor)){ if($rowTipoProveedor['ClaTipoProveedor'] == $row->ClaTipoProveedor) echo '<option selected="selected" value='.$rowTipoProveedor['ClaTipoProveedor'].'>' .$rowTipoProveedor['NomTipoProveedor']. '</option>'; else echo'<option value='.$rowTipoProveedor['ClaTipoProveedor'].'>'.$rowTipoProveedor['NomTipoProveedor'].'</option>'; }?> </option> </select> </div> </div> SAVE.PHP .... $tipoprov = $_POST[selectTipoProveedor]; $test = "<h2 class=>".$tipoprov."</h2>"; ... Thanks in advance!
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