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  1. Sorry i did not read al of your code but it seems to be more complex then needed. First about IP-banning. If you use ip banning instead of user banning please do realise that you could ban a complete officebuilding of hospital ! Otherwise mobile devices are switching ip's many times. I always say: forget this whole IP-shit! that said, Did you ever try to use the DateTime and DateInterval standard PHP objects? <?php $last = new DateTime('2015-1-26 11:53:12'); $now = new DateTime(); $diff = $now->diff($last); echo 'Difference is:<br>'; if($diff->y) echo $diff->y . ' years<br>'; if($diff->m) echo $diff->m . ' months<br>'; if($diff->d) echo $diff->d . ' days<br>'; if($diff->h) echo $diff->h . ' hours<br>'; if($diff->i) echo $diff->i . ' minutes<br>'; if($diff->s) echo $diff->s . ' seconds<br>'; ?>
  2. ouch.. Why iframes? these are outdated!
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