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  1. Hi I am trying to demonstrate a random number college project by code. I have a query which works fine getting data from table: SELECT id,Date, GROUP_CONCAT(ball ORDER BY ball) balls FROM ( SELECT id,Date,Ball1 ball FROM history eh UNION SELECT id,Date,Ball2 ball FROM history eh UNION SELECT id,Date,Ball3 ball FROM history eh UNION SELECT id,Date,Ball4 ball FROM history eh UNION SELECT id,Date,Ball5 ball FROM history eh ) x WHERE ball IN (6, 24, 32, 48, 50) GROUP BY id HAVING COUNT(*) >= 2 This will give 3 columns result: id,Date,balls which match any 2 or more of above numbers I want to join the result with another table starballs which has the same id as above and stores two colums of data Star1 Star2 i.e. id,Star1,Star2 I assume this will be inner join? to keep the data of top query and join it with starballs table. I have tried all sorts and cannot get it working. Can someone help me with this please. Thanks
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