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  1. hm i've never done queries like that.. I always have issues when i do the damn > < signs. Usually adding = makes it work for me though. <= why not just do a while statement for the query though.. like this: <?php while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_NUM){ $f1 = $row['ID']; $f2 = $row['UID']; $f3 = $row['Site']; $f4 = $row['Uname']; $f5 = $row['Pass']; ?> so on so forth.. same idea here just a different method.
  2. I think SWiSH is what I used to use. Actually I'm pretty sure it is. I still get email from their site.. that was a few years ago lol. I didn't like it though. I was a beginner and it wasn't for me lol. I learned very slowly with it. I think i'll go with that Autodesk thing for now at least.
  3. Thanks for both replies. Ober, you gave me little hope HAHA. But I'm going to keep trying anyway. Crayon Violent, .. I think I hate flash now. lol. It seems a tad ridiculous that the only way to really do anything with flash is if I pay the creators of it..
  4. Well I know I can. What I need is some code to get me started. I used form validation codes I found online but they didn't help any. Basically I wanted it to do something like this: PHP WAY OF DOING IT: [code] <?php $link = NULL; // TO SAVE QUERY INFO foreach($_GET as $key => $value){   if($value !== '' && $key !== 'submit'){     if($link == NULL){       $link .= "?" . $key . "=" . $value;     } else {       $link .= "&" . $key . "=" . $value;     }   } } $link = "search.php" . $link; header("Location: $link"); ?> [/code] Thats what I use now for the PHP file that does what I want. But I need a JAVASCRIPT version of this that does it as soon as the page is submitted.
  5. Alright. 2 completely different questions and one thread. Here we go. 1. Is there anything I can find FREE to do flash with? I mean, something worth using? I started learning flash a while back and my harddrive was fried and I lost my CD and I'm not paying for another one.. forget that lol. But I'd like to learn flash a little more but I don't want to pay those high prices for the software. 2. Where is the best place to find a job? For web designers, php developers, etc. I've tried scriptlance, php-freelancers.com, and all those BIDDING sites. Then I put a resume on monster and got a few emails but thats where it all stopped. I'd like to find a way to get jobs without bidding or getting my hopes up. I'm working on a site right now so I can at least have a site for people to come to and maybe FIND ME. But that won't be done for a few more weeks more than likely. I need money now though and my part time job isn't doing the trick.
  6. well for one you didn't finish your SQL. You have: $chari = @mysql_num_rows(mysql_query([b]"SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `charid`"[/b])); it should be something like: $chari = @mysql_num_rows(mysql_query([b]"SELECT * FROM users WHERE charid[i]='SOMETHING'[/i]"[/b]));
  7. That sounds reasonable. Alright, I'll do that.
  8. ok so account_num , meter_num , are in your table. You want this stored in an array.. maybe store it by id and put another array in there. you could use something like: [code] <?php $accounts = array(); $sql = "SELECT * FROM tokayacct";   $res = mysql_query($sql) or die (mysql_error());     while($r=mysql_fetch_assoc($res)){     $accounts[$r[id]] = array($r['account_num'], $r['meter_num']); } ?> [/code] something like that might work..
  9. You could use SESSIONS, COOKIES, or a file. Sessions would probably be the best way. I've never needed fpdf so I dunno about that.
  10. You could do it a few ways really. 1. You could store the homework in the database using a form. 2. You could use a form to create a homework FILE. 3. You could just let them upload a file and read the file from the server Either way would be fine. But you should make sure only the teachers can submit the homework. Give them a password or something.
  11. Yea.. you'll need to set those variables first. send_email.php3 [code] <?php $contents = $_POST['contents']; $from = $_POST['from']; $subject = $_POST['subject']; ?> [/code]
  12. you could just do it a different way.. like instead of: $throw = true; use $throw = '1'; Then if($throw == '1'){   echo "Error message"; }
  13. How I did it.. something like this: [code] <?php $t_count = 0; // TABLE COUNT if($t_count == '0'){       echo "<tr><td>Blah</td>";       $t_count = 1; } else if($t_count == '1'){       echo "<td>Secnd Blah</td>";       $t_count = 2; } else if($t_count == '2'){       echo "<td>third blah</td></tr>";       $t_count = 0; } ?>[/code]
  14. I'd like to submit some tutorials but not 2 many and there's no point of them adding me as a tutorial writer if I only write one or 2 right? But the user submitted tutorial sectioin isn't too good. I mean, as far as the tutorials, they're good. But I'd like to be able to submit a tutorial and not have all that traffic directed to my server (all I have now is a 'test' server). I'd rather be able to submit it to fit just like the PHPFREAKS tutorials. Page by page. Would it not be just as easy to do this? To maybe make it where you can give a number of pages and submit the information page by page?
  15. By "Check the statements" I mean, check the fields for ones that aren't empty.. .. I just was lazy and didn't want to type all that out.
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