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  1. Thank you both for helping me. It's working. I basically used @Barrands solution with @Muddy_Funster contribution in the last post. Temporary table wasn't even needed. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for both answers! Additional question - XML has about 1000 products (524kB) and I have to update into MySql prices of about 200 products. Which of the solutions would be better to use? It seems that in Muddy_Funsters solution I would go through that XML at least ten thousand times?
  3. Hello, I want to search for a PRICE of product by his ID. I have this unussual XML structure. I found some examples for XPath. But problem is, that in my XML id is not "parent" and price is not a "child". They are equal. Could somebody help me and show me, how to get a price if I know id of that product? <eshop> <product> <id></id> <name></name> <price></price> </product> <product> <id></id> <name></name> <price></price> </product>
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