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  1. Hi! Mmmmm... Are muy missing the "$" in TeamName var ? Like that: You have: <td width='90'><font size='2pt'>".TeamName."</td> And you should have: <td width='90'><font size='2pt'>".$TeamName."</td> In another hand, (css), check replace that: <td ALIGN='left'><font size='2pt'>".UserID."</td> and that <td ALIGN='center' style='vertical-align: top;'>".$userid."</td><td> for: <td style='text-align:center'><font size='2pt'>".UserID."</td> and that <td style='vertical-align: top; text-align:center'>".$userid."</td><td>
  2. I'm searching how change my Sign.

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