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  1. Could you elaborate on that? Theoretically, since "nulled" versions exist, does it mean that implementing any kind of license-issuing system is, to some extent, unsafe and manipulative?
  2. How do companies such as vBulletin and WoltLab manage licenses given to users for the software they've bought? In other words, how do they know you've actually bought a license for the software and distinguish between "nulled" and "legit" software (that is, forums)? Obviously they do it somehow, otherwise the business model of distributing PHP-based forum software wouldn't bring in any revenue. Does it have to do with PHP, and can you implement a certain check within the software that communicates back to the licenser?
  3. I've been thinking of techniques used by email providers to detect (unless they aren't directly detected, but it is assumed to be) a virus within an email attachment, per say. Besides, I'm generally interested in virus detection and consulted many research papers with no success whatsoever. Does anyone know a method? Are there any email providers using PHP in the backend anyway? Regards
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