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  1. i am creating a timesheet in php , i need a logic to update the database , the working is as follows 1. accept employee_id and date , from date get week number , query database with this input as follows my database task3 contains and id , emp_id , p_name , time , taskdate mysql_query("SELECT p_name, SUM(IF(DAYOFWEEK(taskdate) = 2, `time`, 0)) AS `MO`, SUM(IF(DAYOFWEEK(taskdate) = 3, `time`, 0)) AS `TU`, SUM(IF(DAYOFWEEK(taskdate) = 4, `time`, 0)) AS `WE`, SUM(IF(DAYOFWEEK(taskdate) = 5, `time`, 0)) AS `TH`, SUM(IF(DAYOFWEEK(taskdate) = 6, `time`, 0)) AS `FR`, SUM(IF(DAYOFWEEK(taskdate) = 7, `time`, 0)) AS `SA`, SUM(IF(DAYOFWEEK(taskdate) = 1, `time`, 0)) AS `SU` FROM task3 WHERE e_id = '$r' AND WEEK(`taskdate`,-1) ='$week' GROUP BY p_name "); this is returned through ajax onto my page , and then i can change date and get the result ,(check the attachments) i want to update the textboxes , this is my issue , i need a logic to get left-mist coloumn project_name and top coloumn date . table is created in php , with textboxes and values set to those coming from database ,
  2. Hey fellas , I was clueless about LDAP AND AD when i was told to create a login page for my web-app and check authentication with AD server . After searching through , i came to know what this LDAP is all about . i need to get started with it , so i have a email feild and password . All worstations at my workplace have access to that server , as we use it to log on to the system . I need to use the same mechnism in my login page . please Help me , how to get started with it , what all things will be necessary . This article will be a great help to not only me but to all new PHP developers because somewhere down the line everyone is going to need this . P.S. I have the host name and port of the server where all login details are present i need some php class and tweaks in it to access it on hitting the login button . Thanks .
  3. hey people , good to have a help portal like PHP FREAKS , awsume job , I might frequently post for help , please do help me
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