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  1. Good idea dalecosp. I'll ponder a bit about this and do some coding then hopefully I'll remember to follow-up (here).
  2. caching using APC — Alternative PHP Cache? Can't the script called by cron be called repeatedly, ending up with the same problem (processing overuse) ?
  3. Anyone care to ACTUALLY answer me? See the thread title.
  4. My website is on a free host that not only limit the storage space, like many do, but also limit the processing. It happened to me a few times in the past that my website was temporarily replaced by a parking space for a day or less. Luckily it's just a homepage and most (all?) things on it are not urgently needed. The CMS my site use has a throttling function but I have some directories not covered by the CMS. In one of those there's a ¨H¨which process just fine. The issue is if it was accessed too often, the processing it take might very well shutdown my homepage. Something on my favor: the script only need to be interpreted once in a little while ; once a day should do. A;so if the PHP is not accessed, there's no need to run it anyway ; it's not like some external process (ie: feed aggregator) would fetch content it generated è if the page is not directly accessed, there's no need to interpret it, be it months. Is there a way to limit the processing used by a PHP? Perhaps limiting the number of daily uses. Thank you kindly for your help
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