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  1. Thank you, I'll give it a try... I'll probably end up tying myself in knots, but thanks very much.
  2. Hi all, this is my first post. Be gentle! I'm trying to peform a small hack on a Joomla component to better suit by needs... Currently the 'trigger' has an event attached to it, that opens a browser window, the event looks like this (it works fine): $eventprnt = 'onclick="window.open(\'index.php?myurl ='.$item->id.'\')" '; I want to change the function from 'window.open' to 'window.location.href', but the quotes and semicolons thing is killing me (I keep getting T_STRING errors). I've included an example of one of my attempts to give you all a good laugh: $eventprnt = 'onclick="window.location.href ='$index.php?myurl ='.$item->id.'"'; As you can probably see, I could be here for a while unless I ask for help... I've done a lot of reseacrh, and it sounds like I need backslashes, quotes... All sorts of stuff. Unfortunately it's all Chinese to me. If you can give me a pointer, that would be a real help. Mark
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