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  1. This ended up being a complete mess of a project. After I finally figured everything out, I was told this was no longer needed and that I was going to be given a spreadsheet to convert into a database and then create the app using two API's and then grab the results from the DB. I had no problem going this route but I spent a long while figuring out how to crawl a site. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. I looked at the source code on the site I am trying to scrape, I found the form once submitted calls a Default.aspx as the action file in the form. I can get the input names for each input field. Is there a way I can go to the Default.aspx file and set the appropriate post data. For example: if the Default.aspx takes POST data with the names of "city" and "state" Can I set the post data like this: $_POST['city']="San Diego"; $_POST['state']="CA"; then send that post data to the Default.aspx when I call the www.site.com/Default.aspx Is that possible?
  3. I am mainly stuck on how I am going to send the parameters from my form to the form fields on the external site and then submit the form to get the response data after form submission so I can then display the results in a result page on my local site. I was able to use curl to get the site and echo things like the title and different tags but that is as far as I got.
  4. I have been given a task, and I gotta say it is kicking my butt. Here is what I have to do. 1. Have user fill out and submit a form. 2. Data gets sent to: http://www.ffiec.gov/geocode/Default.aspx 3. Data is set as values for input fields in the sites form. 4. Form executes. 5. Retrieve result data. 6. Display data back to my site. I have no idea how to do this. Usually when I have done something like this I use an API. Hope my question is clear. Thanks for the help.
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