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  1. Good afternoon, I hope you are all well. I have been learning programming languages but I have done more theory than practice. I've decided it will be best to continue learning by coding a project I'm interested in. Now, if you don't mind, I need assistance on the route to take and what to research. The site works like a classified ads site - users can upload an item for sale in a predetermined category for a set price with pictures / location / condition / description / etc. or they can browse, ask questions and buy. There will obviously be a login page and user accounts. The home page would preferably also display most recent additions. I'm assuming most of this is data stored in a database. Firstly, how would you advise the tables are structured - would you have one be for login/user details, one for ads, separate table for photos? If the questions are to be sent to user email is this a matter of calling their email from the table on the form page? How would I create the ad layout that all others follow? Is it a simple task to allow users to delete their ads if they wish? When the results are returned, again, how is the layout of the results configured and how is the number restricted to so many a page? I am sorry for the questions. I feel I have read so much but without physically building something I don't think it'll fit in. It's the working out of 'what goes where' / 'what will make that happen' I'm finding trickiest. And any further advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you for your time, Pica
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