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  1. @requinix I understand the concern behind deletion of contents. But i being a user i should have control over my account. It's like my account, my data but none in my control. Let us delete our account but do not delete the posts/contents. Just show something like 'user not active' or something. I understand how important the created contents on site. I don't know what are other important reason behind not letting to delete. Just saying it is a 'site policy' does not make any one much happier. If i created the account it me who decide weather do I really need it or not, not the platf
  2. How do we even delete an account? I just can not understand why we can not delete our account, or at-least I can not find a way. It is such horrific UX! Sorry, if i am being rude. I came back here after a long time just to delete my account turns out i cant find a way.
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