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  1. I installed it and created a survey. This was a few years ago. (My client, who I was researching a solution for, decided to go with a different application.) I haven't explored LimeSurvey any further since then.
  2. Spreadsheet? LibreOffice Calc can publish to HTML.
  3. And this: https://github.com/illuminate/database/commit/34ae98bd9d942cbf93ff32627b0d4f093b092ba4
  4. The change is in the Github from two years ago: https://github.com/illuminate/database/commit/5dc6c29463ef5245f6e4d91501a7d8aac9d30df1
  5. The $query from $this->getQuery() does not have a valid - as of PHP 7.2 - property. Prior to PHP 7.2, the result of count() with an invalid parameter would have been misleading (a 0 or 1). Suggest verifying if this package has been updated to work with PHP 7.2.
  6. "I repeat the same process by going to his sponsor and his sponsor..." Unlimited looping needs a calculated release. In your table, user2's sponsor is user2. (Typo?) This could create an inescapable loop. I like the query above, but the sponsor tree needs a sort so that the LIMIT 1 will be the closest ancestor.
  7. You probably have an error in these statements: $to = "info@mydomain,com, mysecondaryemail@gmail.com"; $subject = 'Naming Form via Website'; $email_from = 'info@mydomain,com'; Check the spelling of the email addresses.
  8. If you are concerned about getting an array of objects instead of an array of associative arrays, use: json_decode($json, true) Realize you will end up with null elements in the output objects if parsing a string having three or more delimiters where any two or more are consecutive.
  9. I suggested: <a href="?action=edit&file=bludit%2Fstart%2Ephp">bludit/start.php</a> and this is what is being attempted: <a href="?action=EDIT<?php echo $file; ?>"><?php echo $file; ?></a> which gives you: ?action=EDIT./bludit/bl-kernel/boot/rules/70.posts.php The &file= is missing, unless it is included as part of $file. Since the leading dot-slash seems to be common for every item in the report, my suggestion did not include that, and also suggested that the data to populate the HTML link be urlencode()'d. Having a collection of checkboxes with the same name sometimes gets you an array, but sometimes gets you a scalar. To make sure we get an array of selected files to delete - one or more than one - we add brackets to the name. <input type="checkbox" name="DELETE[]" value=<?php echo $file; ?>> <!-- do not forget to use quotes for the value attribute --> If the form is POSTed, PHP gives you $_POST['DELETE'] as an array of selected checkbox values.
  10. We can try: <a href="?action=edit&file=bludit%2Fstart%2Ephp">bludit/start.php</a> When including the list in the output, you might want to urlencode() the querystrings. Surround all those links with <form> tags, add a <input type="check", name="delete" value="bludit%2Fstart%2Ephp"> next to each link, add a submit button and there you are!
  11. Not a recommendation, but another way to skin the cat: function check($a, (int)$z) { $return = is_array($a) && (count($a)==$z); // so far so good if($return) foreach($a as $k => $v) $return = $return && (is_int($k)); // first non-integer key fails the whole thing // can also use a while loop to iterate the array and stop at first false return $return; } I think your test arrays will always be non-associative as you are using a short syntax listing only values. Also, there is the possibility that the integer indices will not be zero and one.
  12. In addition to the blank line before the opening code delimiter (<?php) in config.inc.php, another situation that may trip up new coders is that general-purpose text editors may place what is known as the "byte-order-mark" (BOM) at the start of the file. This BOM is not visible unless looking at the file in HEX mode. PHP will also send this byte sequence out, causing the same "headers already sent" message. Please be sure to use a programmer's text editor, and save files without the BOM.
  13. I would think this would be a javascript/ajax powered solution. Maybe ColorBox or ThickBox.
  14. In create.php, I do not find where $submit (line 42) has had anything assigned to it. Presumably, it is $_POST['submit']. And you are not enclosing the last two else blocks within braces. I would recommend you do that regardless of any shortcut you may have seen elsewhere.
  15. Maybe just a smidgen more involved: <i class="image" rel="index|hash"></i> Have javascript (jQuery) collect up all the $(".image") objects, associate the rel attribute into a json array, ajax that to a PHP script, that will get the index and compare the pre-computed hash in a server-based filemanager setup, then return a base64 encoded binary response of actual image data, whereby the inner contents of the relevant <i> tag is filled with the image data using the "data:image/png;base64" format. ...I think.
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