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  1. thanks guys but with my current plan I do not think I have access to the SSH manager, I've tried the script that isn't working with 2 other hosts and it works fine, but my current host keeps ignoring the facts and telling me to fix the script. I might just switch hosting company.
  2. I contacted my hosting company and they say nothing has changed and that it was my code... will look into contacting my ISP, thanks for the suggestion
  3. sorry to say, both failed....ugh this is a nightmare, I don't understand why they were working a few weeks back and now all this X__X well in any case thanks so much for your help so far I appreciate the effort
  4. my real domain name, the name of my website where the form is...I changed it to post it here...
  5. yes I see my domain name in 2 fields, this is copied from the source:
  6. tried that script with a few different emails, always get:
  7. if you are referring to these : I've tried changing the $email_to to different addresses but the result is always: I can confirm I've changed the headers and call mail function directly under them like in your last post...
  8. okay, thank you davidannis This is what I get then: and of course the inbox is empty...
  9. actually, forgive me my brain is turning into mush but the first line doesnt go at the end of the new header does it ? and where does the second one go ? @mail($email_to, $email_subject, $email_message, $headers); // to if(mail($email_to, $email_subject, $email_message, $headers)) echo "MAIL - OK"; else echo "MAIL FAILED";
  10. nope, I get the confirmation that the email has been sent but my inbox and spam folder stay empty...
  11. I pasted in your header but it produces a parse error, syntax error on this line: sorry I'm not sure where I have to paste the second script you posted ?
  12. hi need some help, the following PHP script on my website has stopped working without me editing it : which was working with the following form: Now, I have tried the following test script found here (http://myphpform.com/php-form-not-working.php) and it does not work : so I have then contacted my Host which replied as follows: and provided this script, which works: so can someone help me fix the code in the first quote I posted based on this last working one ? A few things maybe worth a mention: - previously, about a few weeks back, this form (first two quotes) was working perfectly as I've posted it and sending emails to my hotmail account without a hitch... - in the quotes "contact@myemail.com" is actually the domain email I have with the host thanks to anyone kind enough to help out...
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