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  1. I'm beginning to study Composer and am developing a system where I separate the files core application files, as follows: /root |-- /src |-- /App |-- /DBConfig |-- /Controller |-- /Model |-- /Core |-- /Helper |-- /Controller |-- /Model So, to set this setting in composer.json file and get access to all classes both /App much /Core would be this way? "autoload" : { "psr-X" : { "App\\" : "/src", "Core\\" : "/src" } } Or is there a more correct way? I have also read about PSR-0 vs PSR-4 and I am still somewhat in doubt which one to use. In my case what should I implement, PSR-0 or PSR-4?
  2. Hey man. Thanks again for your help. I tested the code and it worked.
  3. º_º ... Is that so hard? kkkk I should have known. I'm ashamed of myself! Upon arriving home I will test and give feedback. Thank you very much.
  4. I'm starting in Doctrine 2.4 and I'm developing a system where I separate the core files and application files, as follows: /root |-- /Src |-- /App |-- /Model |-- ** (Application Entities) ** |-- /Core |-- /Model |-- ** (Core Entities) ** In the Doctrine documentation shows the following form to set 1 directory for Esntitys: $config = Setup::createAnnotationMetadataConfiguration(array(__DIR__. "/src"), $isDevMode); But when I have to configure more than one directory that will contain the Entitys of my application, how to proceed? Thanks in advance!
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