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  1. Hi.. I really need help. I'm completely stuck and waaaay out of my depth here. I don't even know where to begin. I am desperate to learn how to use existing API services - but I find the whole concept completely overwhelming. I can't even get something from a Google search because everything on this subject just goes over my head. I have created an account with tvrage.com and got an API key. With that, I can get a list, in XML, of all the current TV shows in the UK and the US. It starts like this; <currentshows> <country name="US"> <show> <showid>69</showid> <showname>Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US)</showname> <showlink>http://tvrage.com/Who_Wants_to_Be_a_Millionaire_US</showlink> </show> <show> <showid>237</showid> <showname>Jack Van Impe</showname> <showlink>http://tvrage.com/jack-van-impe</showlink> </show> <show> <showid>286</showid> <showname>Figure It Out</showname> <showlink>http://tvrage.com/figure-it-out</showlink> </show> <show> <showid>548</showid> <showname>TNA Pay-Per-View</showname> <showlink>http://tvrage.com/TNA_Pay-Per-View</showlink> </show> <show> <showid>576</showid> <showname>WWE After Burn</showname> <showlink>http://tvrage.com/wwe-after-burn</showlink> </show> All I want, is to list this out on MY website... I am a complete beginner. I imagine I have to copy and paste the URL in to my code, right? A javascript link? But then, what after that? I have barely touched javascript or jquery as a developer. Can someone just give me some guidance on this please? It's really starting to stress me out :-(
  2. So... I build web applications, but all my applications are on an internal server, for internal customers (colleagues, really) so they can shift data around etc. The point is, I never get to put stuff out on the internet. Therefore, things like OAuth (as I understand it) isn't really something I would ever need. My colleagues don't need to be logged in to Facebook in order to use my applications! Or need a shopping cart! I have my own development environment outside of work, I have got composer installed and am currently building something using Laravel 5. I am looking to expand my knowledge of open source. I am sure that Packagist has it's uses... But I'm struggling to see any that would benefit me. All I see when I look through it is symfony dependancy after symfony dependancy and a bit OAuth. Is it really that great? What have you used Packagist for that might be of use in a "data processing" type application? I'm not complaining and I mean no offence to people who use packagist a lot. I am basically just trying to keep up with coding for the internet.. and not just focusing on easy internal applications.
  3. Update; I have installed Vagrant now. And I am running git from my Mac it's working totally fine. This is certainly the way forward!
  4. So basically, I have got VirtulBox set up and running on my personal mac. It's for my own learning/development really. I have installed git, gitolite and gitweb on my virtual server (Guest VM is Ubuntu) and I am getting used to the basics of git. I have a github account and I want to take my git learning to the next level and put my project on to github. I am looking in to this but VirtualBox is saying that I should install GitHub Enterprise which doesn't feel right to me. This is just one guy's development.. Instead I created a new repository on github and ran this; git remote add origin https://github.com....etc/ I got an error, fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/[username]/[project]': Could not resolve host: github.com Is it because I am doing it from a virtual environment? Would it be easier for me to set up git on my OXS instead and push/pull from the local dev folder? I'd rather not do it that way.. Advice?
  5. I would be amazed if they had any degree. Generally, people who get promoted (or even sideways move) in this organisation, at the "entry level" programmer position would not have a degree! And if they did have a degree, then they are probably more interested in becoming Stats, or Finance as it's super easy to get promoted. But, that is a really good suggestion, so thanks! I hear what you're saying, and funnily enough, a lot of people in my team are still on flip-phones as they are "concerned" with online security! haha. What about general electrician skills? If they can re-wire a plug/lamp, would you consider that a transferable skill? This is not going to be fun - at all!
  6. This isn't really a "programming question", I'd just like some advice really. I have been asked to write a paper by my boss on how we can go about recruiting for our developer roles people who (most likely) are not developers and will not have had any development experience of any kind. The reason for this, is that we have an external recruitment ban within our organisation (which sucks, but there is nothing I can do about it). We have about 20 developer jobs within our team. I work for a government organisation that has thousands of jobs for various purposes such as Finance, Statistics, Contracts - I'm not really sure what else, it's such a massive organisation - but nearly all the IT is outsourced to contractors apart from our little team. Any recruitment we do, they must already be a civil servant. So if they happen to love a bit of web development in their spare time then fantastic, but realistically, they probably won't. So how do you identify if they "have what it takes" to become a developer? Are there any official aptitude tests they can take that will show they are of the right mindset - ha - is there even a right mindset?! Other areas of our organisation use MS Excel a lot. Maybe there is some way of testing their VBA ability which would determine if they'd make a kick-ass programer or not?? I am open to all ideas here!!!
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